Having trouble with your Keurig coffee brewer? Well, we have covered the 18 most commonly faced issues and their fixes to simplify the task for you.

Keurig Coffee Brewers are known to be one of the best coffee makers in the market as they are highly durable and efficient. However, you can often face problems while working your coffee brewer if you don’t take proper care of it.

As is the case with most machines, they require regular maintenance and proper care to function properly and efficiently.

However, it is understandable that sometimes mistakes do happen and users are often not able to care for their coffee brewers like they need to.

Fear not because most of the Keurig coffee brewer problems are easy to diagnose and can be fixed without the help of a technician or a service repair personnel.

In this article, we will discuss common problems faced by users and how one can troubleshoot them without contacting customer service.

Common Keurig Coffee Brewer Issues and How to Fix Them

Here we have discussed a few commonly faced Keurig issues that most users encounter and the steps that one can take to diagnose and fix them.

Issue 1: Keurig is not working

The most prominent problem faced by most users is that their Keurig often doesn’t work or simply shuts off after every few minutes. Almost 10% of the Keurig buyers complain about this issue and often reach out to the customer service for troubleshooting this problem.

Reason: A lot of time users face this issue because of simple reasons like either they have not switched on the Keurig machine or the machine isn’t properly plugged in which can be easily resolved. Sometimes the coffee brewer might stop working because of the water that is being used to brew your coffee.

If you use unfiltered or well water for brewing coffee then there are chances that minerals like Calcium are deposited inside the Keurig brewer which results in the not working or shutting off your Keurig machine.

A lot of times debris also gets accumulated in the coffee brewer’s water line which is another reason why your Keurig machine is not working. However, all these issues are simple to fix and don’t require a technical solution so you don’t have to shell out money on repair serviceman or customer service.

How to fix it: In order to ensure that your Keurig starts working properly and doesn’t abruptly stop in the middle, you can follow the following steps:

  • First, run your Keurig machine with several clean water brew cycles to get rid of all the debris and mineral deposits. If there is scale build-up in your Keurig machine which is resulting in this issue then you need to descale it.
  • Fill the water reservoir with a vinegar-water solution and let it soak for 30 minutes before starting a brew cycle. Then, flush your Keurig machine with clean water and try to turn it on.

Note: Using a vinegar-water solution might void your Keurig warranty.

  • Another efficient way to get your brewer start working again is by cleaning the dispensing line. For this, you need to first turn off your machine and then unplug it. Then use a paper clip to get rid of the lodged coffee grounds in your dispensing line.
  • You can also use a straw to blow air in your coffee machine’s line to clean it and get rid of all the leftover coffee grounds.

Issue 2: Keurig is not Brewing Coffee

Let’s face it, we all want out coffee brewer to brew a perfect cup of coffee every day for us without any issues. So, what do you do when your coffee brewer stops brewing coffee altogether?

Yes, that is right. One of the most common problems faced by Keurig users is that their brewer isn’t brewing coffee at all.

You talk to 5 users of the product and 3 of them will complain that their Keurig isn’t brewing coffee anymore and they don’t know how to fix it. There could be numerous reasons for this functionality break but most of these reasons are easy to tackle.

Reason: The most common cause of Keurig not brewing coffee is that it might be clogged with debris or scale deposits which is why you are either getting bad coffee or your coffee brewer has stopped brewing coffee altogether.

If you use water that contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, etc. then scale build-up is quite common and needs to be addressed in order to ensure the proper functioning of your coffee brewer.

However, that is not the only reason for your Keurig not brewing coffee. There are several other causes of this problem such as:

  • There are air bubbles in your Keurig Coffee Brewer
  • All the machine parts are not properly fitted or sealed together.
  • Your Keurig is not getting enough warm-up time to heat the water for brewing coffee.

Now that we understand the potential reasons behind the Keurig not brewing coffee, we can resolve the issue more quickly and efficiently.

How to fix it: To resolve your issue and ensure that your device starts brewing again, you can follow the following steps:

  • Clean your Keurig Coffee Brewer

One of the easiest and most common fixes for your Keurig brewing problems is to clean it properly to get rid of the dirt and debris that has been accumulated inside the machine.

You can do this by filling the water reservoir with clean filtered water and then running the brew cycle a couple of times. This will help in cleaning the inside of your machine and will allow you to brew coffee again.

  • Descale your Keurig Coffee Brewer

If simple cleaning of your Keurig doesn’t work then there are chances that the inside of your machine is covered with scale build-up due to the usage of hard water. In such a situation, you need to descale your coffee brewer with the help of a vinegar-water solution. Fill the water reservoir with vinegar water solution and then run a few brew cycles.

Once that is done, run clean water brews to get rid of the vinegar solution residue. Now, try brewing coffee in your Keurig. If it still doesn’t work then there might be air bubbles in the waterline.

  • Get Rid of the Air Bubbles

As we mentioned earlier, a common reason for them not working is that it might have debris or scale build-up but if this is not the issue then it might be due to the air bubbles present in the supply line. However, it is quite easy and simple to get rid of the air bubbles in the coffee maker.

For this, you need to first switch off the machine and then unplug it. Fill the water reservoir with clean water to the brim and then shake it gently. This will help in getting rid of the air bubbles that might be trapped in your coffee maker. Your coffee brewer should start brewing coffee now.

  • Check for the Proper Machine Placement

Another common reason for Keurig brewer not brewing coffee is that your coffee brewer parts might be not sealed properly or improperly placed.

So, you need to check that all the brewer components are properly placed and sealed tightly. If not, then try to adjust it and fit it in its proper place and you will end up saving a lot of money.

  • Allow Keurig Sufficient Time to Heat Water

A lot of users don’t allow their Keurig sufficient time to heat the water that will be later used for brewing coffee. As a result, the coffee brewer is unable to brew and dispense coffee.

So, make sure that you provide it with enough time to heat the water to coffee brewing temperature before shutting it off.

Issue 3: Keurig is not Turning On

When you have newly purchased a device, you would often face the issue of switching on your Keurig machine as most machines’ set up is different. However, this is not a huge issue and there is nothing to panic about it. A lot of times this issue has a simple and easy fix that most users can implement themselves.

Reason: The most common reason for Keurig not turning on is that either the machine is not plugged in properly or it has some loose connections. Both of these problems can easily be fixed and doesn’t require the help of a professional repairman.

How to fix it: To turn on your device and use it for brewing again, you need to follow the below-mentioned checks and steps:

  • First, check if the machine is properly plugged in or not. If not, then plug it in and make sure that it is tightly and properly plugged in.
  • Once that is done, you need to check if there is some problem with the electric outlet. So, try plugging your Keurig machine in different outlets. If you find that your machine turns on when plugged into a different socket then you know that the issue is whether your electric outlet and not your Keurig machine.
  • If there is no problem with the outlet, then try to power your Keurig machine by holding the power button for a few seconds. You should see some indication of the machine switching on in the form of display lights blinking.
  • Also, check if your device’s water reservoir is properly placed or not. If not, then your Keurig machine won’t power up until it is properly seated. So, use the magnetic contacts found between the machine body and the reservoir to keep the water reservoir properly seated.
  • If all of the above steps fail then unplug your machine and check for any frayed or loose wirings. Make sure that your machine cord is intact and there is no loose connection.

Issue 4: Keurig Abruptly Shut Off

Another common issue that users often complain about is that sometimes their device abruptly shuts off in the middle of a brew. This can happen due to a failure in the machine contact parts. Sometimes a Keurig machine also includes a timer function which can result in the abrupt shutting off the product.

How to fix it: You can easily fix this issue by following a few simple steps. First, make sure that all the Keurig machine parts are correctly placed and locked in their place. A lot of times when you remove the water reservoir to clean or fill water, it is not placed back in its proper seating which can result in Keurig shutting down. So, make sure that the reservoir is locked in its place with the help of magnetic contacts that connect the Keurig body and the water reservoir.

Always make sure that you double-check these magnets when you place the reservoir back in its position since it is very easy to misplace it when handling your water reservoir.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that many Keurig models often feature an auto on/off timer function which can result in abrupt shutting off the Keurig machine. You can control this by checking your instruction manual and then setting the auto-off feature to ‘off’ state.

But in case your Keurig isn’t new and doesn’t seem to turn on even after the given solutions, it’s best to dump it and get a new Keurig coffee maker.

Issue 5: Keurig Doesn’t Heat Properly

Is your Keurig not heating the water or doesn’t heat your water properly? If this is the case then you might not get the desired coffee and your Keurig coffee brewer might not work at all. There are several reasons for this and understanding each of those reasons will help you in resolving this issue much quickly and efficiently.

Reason: Many people complain that their Keurig doesn’t heat or doesn’t heat properly which can affect the brewing capability of the Keurig brewer. If your Keurig coffee brewer is dispensing water but not heating it then the heating mechanism of your Keurig machine might not be working properly. Here are a few reasons why this could be actually happening:

  • The water pump of your Keurig machine is not working as expected.
  • Your Keurig machine’s heating mechanism is getting overheated as water is not being pumped properly in the Keurig machine.
  • The Keurig machine is clogged with dried coffee grounds and dirt which is causing the Keurig to malfunction.

How to fix it: As is the case with most other Keurig coffee brewer problems, you can fix this issue by following a few simple steps.

First, you need to check if your machine is properly plugged in or not. For this, you need to unplug the Keurig machine and then replug it. Try to switch off the power and then switch it back on. If your Keurig still doesn’t heat up, then try to reset your water reservoir and then try again. Also, hold the brew button for a few minutes so that the water pump can get rid of all the water present in the reservoir.

If this doesn’t help, then there is a chance that your water reservoir doesn’t have enough water or the water pump is damaged. Try to add more water to your reservoir and then try and get the pump fixed. If all this doesn’t work then it is likely that your Keurig machine is clogged with residue.

So, you need to clean and descale your Keurig coffee brewer. You might also need to spank the bottom of your Keurig machine a little to dislodge the stuck water and coffee grounds. Once you have thoroughly cleaned the machine, refill the water, plug in the machine and try to brew coffee again.

Issue 6: Keurig is Not Brewing Proper Coffee Quantity

Over time, your Keurig machine might stop producing a proper cup of coffee and might only dispense half a cup or less coffee. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a technical problem but could mean that your Keurig machine requires a thorough cleaning.

Reason: A lot of times the needles that puncture the K-cups get covered in coffee grounds or mineral deposits may build up in your Keurig machine which can result in the Keurig brewer not preparing a full cup of coffee.

How to fix it: This problem has a simple remedy. You just need to properly clean your Keurig machine with vinegar and hot water and then brew a cup of coffee. Make sure that you wash all the machine parts with proper soap and clean water and rinse your machine with fresh water several times before using it.

Also, make sure that you use filtered and clean water to avoid the mineral deposits so that your Keurig coffee brewer provides you with a proper cup of coffee every time.

Issue 7: Keurig is stuck in Preheating Mode

When you add hot water to your Keurig machine, it goes into preheating mode which is why Keurig machine getting stuck into the preheating mode is one of the most common complaints by users.

Reason: A Keurig Coffee Brewer gets stuck into the preheating mode because there might be some obstruction in the water nozzle of the coffee brewer. One can easily access the water nozzle through the opening of the top where the coffee pod is placed and can fix this issue.

How to fix it: If you want to clear the water nozzle of your Keurig machine then you need a piece of needle equipment to perform the cleaning. You can also take a paper clip and move it to the top of the coffee pod opening to dislodge the obstruction.

However, be careful while doing this because the water inside the machine could be hot so it is better to unplug the machine and let the water cool down before trying to remove the object from the water nozzle.

You can also try to override the preheating state by adding more hot water to the reservoir but this is more likely to be a temporary fix. If nothing else works, then you can use a straw to suck or blow out the obstruction but this is a dangerous method so it should be used as the last resort.

Issue 8: Keurig Produces Weak Coffee

Are you having trouble with your coffee strength? If yes, then it might be because you are using the wrong coffee grounds. A lot of people often complain that their Keurig coffee brewer doesn’t produce a good quality coffee and are unable to figure out why.

Reason: The reason behind weak coffee is simple. Many users use drip coffee grounds in the K-cups to brew a cup of coffee. However, the ground size of coffee beans for drip and Keurig coffee brewers differs greatly. Also, the water temperature also plays a great role in the strength of the coffee taste.

How to fix it: Although this is a common issue faced by Keurig users, this problem has an extremely easy and simple solution. You just need to use a coarser grind for your brewing and use a darker roast.

Another thing to keep in mind is that make sure you let the water heat to the appropriate brewing temperature i.e., 195 – 205 degrees Fahrenheit if you want a strong coffee flavor.

Issue 9: Keurig doesn’t allow you to descale

Another common issue faced by Keurig machine users is that often the Keurig brewer displays ‘Descale’ message but doesn’t brew to let you actually clean and descale the machine.

Reason: This happens because sometimes the minerals and the debris are deeply lodged in the machine and doesn’t allow the Keurig machine to function properly.

How to fix it: In order to descale your Keurig machine, you will first need to unplug it and then let the water cool down in the internal reservoir. Also, get rid of all the water in the external water reservoir.

Now, use soap and clean water to clean your external water reservoir. Once the machine is properly cooled down, remove the removable machine parts and then invert it. Now, hit it gently to remove the lodged debris and minerals build up.

Once that is done, you can place the parts back into the Keurig coffee brewer and then run a vinegar-water solution brew and then a clean water brew.

Issue 10: Keurig Dispensing Coffee with Coffee Grounds

No one likes to taste coffee grounds in their coffee as it really messes up the taste and the flavor of the coffee. However, a lot of users often complain that their Keurig coffee brewer is brewing coffee which contains the coffee grounds in it.

Reason: There are several reasons for this issue.

One of the most prominent ones is that your Keurig machine needles are covered with coffee grounds or hot cocoa sweetener and are adding the coffee grounds to your brewing coffee. Another common reason is that the coffee pod is not sealed properly.

Also, sometimes the wrong coffee ground size and overfilling of the K-cup also result in the addition of coffee grounds to the coffee.

How to fix it: In order to avoid the chances of coffee grounds getting mixed into your cup of coffee, you need to follow the below steps:

  • First, make sure that your Keurig needle mechanism is thoroughly cleaned and is not covered with debris or coffee grounds. If it is, then you need to unplug the machine and then wash the needle with a soap and water solution.
  • The next step that you need to follow is to ensure that you only use a coarse coffee grind for your Keurig coffee brewers. Also, if you are using a reusable K-cup then make sure you only fill it with a sufficient quantity of coffee grounds and don’t overfill it.

Once you follow these steps you will find that your coffee doesn’t contain coffee grounds anymore and tastes delicious and extremely pure.

Issue 11: Keurig Produces Weird Tasting Coffee

Has your Keurig coffee started tasting weird suddenly? If yes then there might be some issue with your Keurig machine and you need to fix it immediately to switch batch to good tasting coffee.

If you have a habit of having coffee every morning then it might be important to troubleshoot this issue as quickly as possible but first, you need to consider all the reasons for this weird tasting coffee.

Reason: A lot of people often change their coffee brand or flavor which can result in the sudden change in coffee taste but if this is not the case with you, then there are several other causes to consider.

One of the most common reasons for bad tasting coffee is that your machine has a scale build-up inside it which is resulting in the weird coffee taste. This is likely to happen if you don’t use filtered water to prepare coffee and use normal or tap water.

Another probable reason for bad tasting coffee is that during the descaling process, the vinegar solution wasn’t properly rinsed off. This means your machine is tainted with vinegar and is altering the taste of your coffee. Sometimes the Keurig’s plastic parts absorb the vinegar smell and then release it into the coffee which severely alters the aroma and the flavor of the coffee.

How to fix it: There is nothing to worry about because this problem can be easily fixed. If the coffee is tasting bad due to scale build-up, then your Keurig machine will probably inform you about it and you can perform a descaling process to get rid of this build-up.

If the issue is because of descaling then you need to empty your water reservoirs, let them sit for a few minutes and then fill the reservoir with clean and hot water. Run a few cycles of brew to remove the traces of vinegar and its aroma.

Once this is done, you will be able to enjoy a good cup of delicious coffee again. Also, make sure that you use only filtered water in the future to brew coffee to avoid the scale build up in the future.

Issue 12: Keurig’s ‘Add Water’ Display is Malfunctioning

This is a common issue faced by most Keurig coffee brewer users where the Keurig machine displays the ‘Add water’ signal but the water reservoir is already full.

Reason: This issue usually occurs if you are using the wrong water in your water reservoir or if your Keurig machine is not able to determine the water level in the water reservoir correctly. The Keurig machine can also display this message if you are not adding an adequate quantity of water to the reservoir.

If the Keurig machine is not able to read the water level properly then this could be because the reservoir float that is present on the water surface is now jammed at the bottom of the water reservoir. So, you will need to get the float back in its position to get the machine to read the water level correctly.

Thankfully, all of these issues are easy to resolve at home and don’t require

How to fix it: Now, if your Keurig is displaying Add Water message because the water reservoir float at jammed at the bottom then you need to get it unjammed so that the machine can get the correct water reading. This can be done by a little shaking and tapping of the water reservoir.

However, if the float is in its place then this issue is more likely because of the water used for brewing coffee. In this case, you need to stop using distilled water and only use filtered water to reduce scale damage.

Issue 13: Keurig is Not Dispensing Coffee

Another common issue that a lot of Keurig Coffee Brewer users face is that even though the Keurig brewer seems to be working, it doesn’t dispense any coffee in the coffee mug. This can be really frustrating when all you want is a cup of coffee in the morning but the machine won’t cooperate. There are several reasons for this problem but most of them are easy to fix.

Reason: There can be two types of reasons for this issue: electrical and mechanical. Electrical issues occur due to loose connections or overheating and can be fixed quite easily.

However, if it is not an electrical issue, then there are chances that your Keurig machine is clogged at someplace and is not allowing the water to flow smoothly.

How to fix it: If it is an electrical issue then you simply need to unplug your machine, let it sit for a few minutes, and then replug the machine. A lot of times a simple reset can help in getting your Keurig coffee brewer to work again.

If this doesn’t help then it might be because of the clogging of your Keurig machine. If this is the case then try to run water in the machine without any coffee pod. You would also need to detach the needle mechanism and then clean it properly.

Also, descale the machine and drain the Keurig coffee brewer with the help of a paper clip. Once all this is done and your Keurig machine is clog-free, it should work as expected and dispense you with a hot cup of delicious coffee.

Issue 14: Keurig is Continuously Pumping Water

Another frequent issue seen with a Keurig coffee brewer is that it tends to continuously pump water even when you aren’t brewing coffee in it. This is not a normal functionality of the Keurig machine so you need to look at it immediately once you notice this issue.

Reason: Keurig tends to continuously pump water only if there is scale build up inside or if there is debris clogging in the tubes and the valves of the Keurig coffee brewer. This will result in keeping the tubes open which will lead to continuous water flow.

How to fix it: However, you can fix this issue with a simple cleaning of the Keurig machine. Just follow these steps to proceed:

  • First, unplug your Keurig machine and let it cool down.
  • Once that is done, remove the water reservoir and clean it.
  • Remove the coffee pod from the machine and disassemble the needle mechanism. You need to clean the pod holder and the needle with the help of a paper clip or a brush.
  • Get rid of the water and remove the filter.
  • Descale the Keurig machine with the help of a vinegar-water solution and rinse it with clean water.
  • Finally, let it air dry.

Your Keurig machine should now function properly and won’t pump water continuously.

Issue 15: Keurig is Leaking Water

One of the most common issues faced by Keurig coffee brewer users is water leakage when they are brewing coffee. This could happen due to several reasons so it is important that you pay careful attention to your Keurig machine.

Reason: One of the most prominent reasons for Keurig machine leaking water is that the reservoir might have been overfilled with water. This is quite easy to do in K 15/Mini but can easily be resolved so there is nothing to worry about.

Another popular reason for water leakage is that the needle of the Keurig machine is covered with debris or incorrect-sized coffee pod is being inserted into the Keurig machine.

How to fix it: You can fix the water leakage by making sure that you fill your water reservoir only with the required amount of water. If you accidentally overfill the reservoir, then you need to first empty the drip tray and then place a cup or mug beneath the water dispenser. Now, switch off the machine and then turn it back on.

Press and keep holding the brew button so that the brew cycle empties the internal reservoir a little. Once this is done, add a sufficient amount of water to the reservoir and brew a cup of hot water. Your leakage problem should be fixed after this.

If the water leakage problem still exists then it might be because your needle is dirty. So, turn off the Keurig coffee brewer and let it cool down and then thoroughly clean the Keurig machine along with the needle. Also, ensure that you read the manufacturer’s instructions when inserting a coffee pod into your Keurig coffee brewer.

Issue 16: Keurig is making a lot of Noise

Another complaint often made by users is that their product is generating a lot of noise. This can happen when you have just bought the Keurig machine or if you have been using your device for some time now.

Reason: This usually occurs due to clogging by coffee grounds or debris which will make your Keurig work harder and produce a lot of noise while brewing coffee. Another reason for the noise is that there is a lot of scale build-up inside your Keurig coffee brewer which needs to be removed immediately.

How to fix it: Since your Keurig machine makes noise due to clogging and scaling, you can resolve this issue by a thorough cleaning and descaling process. It doesn’t matter if you have just bought your Keurig machine, you need to descale it in order to reduce the sound made by Keurig coffee brewer when brewing coffee.

Also, make sure that you use filtered water in your Keurig machine because it is sensitive to scale build-up and avoid using any water which is high in iron content. Avoid using mineral water in your Keurig coffee brewer as it will result in the scaling of the machine.

Issue 17: Keurig 2.0 Carafe Not Working

People who have bought Keurig 2.0 often complain that their machine is not turning on or working properly. Don’t worry because we have the perfect solution to this problem.

Reason: This mostly happens if the Keurig 2.0 is not plugged in properly or if its carafe is not properly seated in its place. Since the Keurig 2.0 carafe is specially designed to fit the Keurig 2.0 coffee maker, if it is not properly aligned then the machine won’t work.

Another probable reason for your Keurig 2.0 not working is that you might not be using the correct sized K-cups for brewing your coffee.

How to fix it: There is no need to worry though because resolving these issues are quite straightforward. The first thing that you need to do is to check if the Keurig 2.0 is properly plugged in or not. If it is plugged in properly then try to power it up.

Once this is done and still your Keurig 2.0 doesn’t work then it is time to check that the carafe is properly placed in its position. Also, use the properly sized coffee pods for brewing coffee because the amount and the grind of the coffee matters when it comes to Keurig 2.0.

Issue 18: Keurig Throwing Prime Error

A lot of times a Keurig Coffee Brewer will throw a ‘Prime’ error message which often confuses the users as they are not aware of its clear meaning. A Prime error message is thrown when the water is not being transferred from the external reservoir to the internal reservoir which could happen due to several reasons.

Reason: One of the most prominent causes of this error message is that your Keurig machine is clogged and dirty and needs to be cleaned. Another probable cause of this issue is that your Keurig machine parts are not seated properly.

How to fix it: If your Keurig machine is throwing a Prime error then the first thing that you need to do is check the machine parts for proper alignment. Remove your reservoir and re-seat it and lock it in position using the magnetic contacts. Make sure that all the other Keurig machine parts are properly aligned and no components are loose or improperly seated.

If this doesn’t work, then you might need to wash your water reservoir and rinse your Keurig machine with a soap and water solution. Allow the Keurig machine to air dry first and then refill the reservoir with clean water. Run a few water cycles and your Keurig machine will stop throwing the Prime error now.