Looking for the best water cooler dispenser? Find our water cooler dispenser reviews to find the ideal match for your home and office.

Water Cooler for Office Use

Clover B14A Water Dispenser: One of the biggest reasons the clover B14A is the ideal office dispenser is because it offers both hot and cold water on the go and is compatible with large 5-gallon bottles. Plus with the drip tray, it’s also easy to clean and offers virus and bacteria free water.

Water Cooler for Home Use

Avalon Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser: If you’re short on space in the fridge, it’s time to ditch those pitchers. The Avalon water cooler offers the perfect solution as it is compact, cheap and offers safe drinking water.

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You’ve always stored large pitchers in your already limited fridge space or have had to heat water on the stove or in your convection microwave oven. The time to escape from all that trouble is now thanks to water cooler dispensers that allow you to have instant hot or cold water with only the touch of a button but choosing the right dispenser requires some thinking research but relax we’ve got that part covered for you guys.

During our research, we tested several water coolers and settled on the best five models in 2019 based on the functionality and a horde of other features.

Best Water Cooler Dispenser 2019

Our #1 Pick
Clover B14A Water Cooler
The Clover B14A Water Cooler features with a child safe hot water faucet that ensure the safety of small kids.

  • Top load dispenser
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Sturdy construction
Whirlpool 8LIECH
The Whirlpool 8LIECH depicts real innovativeness and shouts more of class and sophistication. It’s the excellent choice for an office or even home.

  • Bottom load dispenser
  • Self cleaning
  • Easy to refill
Avalon Water Dispenser
The Avalon Water Dispenser assumes a slim design perfect for small spaces such as tiny apartments or residential offices.

  • Top load dispenser
  • Compact design
  • Safety lock
Primo Temp 601087
The Primo Temp 601087 features a stainless steel drip tray that you can toss in the dishwasher so you can enjoy water free of disease-causing microorganisms.

  • Top load dispenser
  • Instant hot/cold water
  • Safe and easy to use
NewAir WAT40B
The NewAir WAT40B is made from a hundred percent BPA-free materials such that there’s no danger to your health.

  • Bottom load dispenser
  • Energy efficient
  • BPA-free and NFS Certified

In-Depth Water Dispenser Reviews

#1: Clover B14A Top Loading Water Dispenser

If you’re looking for a manufacturer that designs quality items, then look no further. Clover is your ultimate maker of top quality sewing, knitting and craft tools. For your water needs, they bring you Clover B14A Water Dispenser. This product model has hit the market with a bang attracting a high rating of 4.7 stars and excellent customer reviews.Clover B14A Top Loading Water Dispenser

Sturdy construction

The reservoirs containing hot and cold water are made from industrial grade stainless robust steel. As a result, it ensures that the water does not come into contact with any bacteria or virus and dispenses only pure water fit for your health. Besides, the water dispensed contains no metallic or funny taste popular with some dispenser models.

Safe to Use

Clove B14A Water Dispenser features with a child safe hot water faucet that ensure the safety of small kids. So, you can move around with peace of mind that little kids will not sustain scalds from tampering as they move around touching everything in their way.

Simple Maintenance

Additionally, cleaning this water dispenser is super easy. The only thing you need to remove when cleaning is the ABS drip tray, something you’ll find effortless. And thanks to the steel water storage tanks, there’s no way for bacteria to thrive. That ensures that it dispenses nothing short of pure water free of microorganisms.


Just like with most water dispensers, Clove Water Dispenser offers top water loading. As such, you have to lift your water bottle whenever you want to replace or refill your water.

Yes, this is the best water cooler dispenser model if you want extra hot or ice-cold water. But if you’re not comfortable lifting the water container when refilling, then you need to go with Whirlpool 8LIECH-SC-SSF-P5WS Self Cleaning Water Cooler.

#2: Whirlpool 8LIECH Bottom Load Water Cooler

Whirlpool is a renowned manufacturer of top products in different categories including home appliances and kitchen & dining equipment.

Rated as #1 Best Seller, Whirlpool Water Cooler depicts real innovativeness and shouts more of class and sophistication. It’s the excellent choice for an office or even home. The key feature of this water is self-cleaning which guarantees easy maintenance.Whirlpool 8LIECH Bottom Load Water Cooler

6th Sense Self-Cleaning

The water dispenser features automatic self-cleaning technology that requires unstable oxygen for the breakdown of the disease-causing microorganisms that may be introduced by water.  As a result, you get to enjoy pure water free of bacteria and viruses.

The stainless steel construction allows for super-fast cleaning ensuring that no part is left out, renders the water cooler dispenser highly durable and compliments the look of your office, kitchen or the living room. Additionally, it features a LED that indicates the self-cleaning process aside from providing superb lighting in the dark.

Easy to Refill

Most water cooler dispensers require refilling from the top. Whirlpool 8LIECH-SC-SSF-P5WS water cooler features a bottom loading. That makes easy to use and effortless to refill with water.

That’s feature is a super design and a great advantage for wives and other people who’ve had to wait for husbands and other stronger helpers to lift the 5-gallon heavy water bottles when the time to refill comes lest they ruin everything. There’s no more trouble stretching your muscles or spilling water all over the place when loading.


We have an issue with the place where the water dispenses in that it’s not tall enough to fit tall containers like bottles. That means you have to tip a tall bottle a bit and then look for a way of filling it completely. However, that’s not a problem in case you rarely put water in bottles as glass will just do fine.

Whirlpool 8LIECH-SC-SSF-P5WS Water Cooler is the best choice for offices and homes thanks to its ease of use and simple cleaning properties.

#3: Avalon Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser

With a high rating and many raving reviews from satisfied customers, Avalon water dispenser takes the top position. And it should be your best choice if you’re to enjoy that cool or toasty hot refreshment at home.

If you’re short on space in your home and are looking for a water cooler economic on space, Avalon water cooler dispenser should be top of your list.Avalon Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser

Innovative and Stylish Design

Avalon water cooler dispenser assumes a slim design perfect for small spaces such as tiny apartments or residential offices. That way, you can squeeze in any corner of the room without taking much space or looking too bulky. It loads from the top and allows you to track the water level for refilling, a property best for an office setting.

Safety Lock

Avalon water dispenser is UL/Energy Start approved and the hot water spout features a safety latch lock for the safety of the entire family.  That makes sure that there’s no scalding or burn even if the child touches the hot water faucet however playful they get.


This water cooler dispenser requires top water loading meaning you’ll have to lift heavy bottles every time the water runs out.

Enjoy your cool and fresh glass of water or hot beverage in a stylish and safe to use water Avalon water cooler dispenser.

A great alternative if lifting heavy water bottles doesn’t work for you is the NewAir WAT40B Bottom Loading Water Dispenser. With it, you’re guaranteed a safe and easy refill ensuring that there are no spillages.

#4: Primo Temperature 601087 Top Loading Water Dispenser

Primo Water is a manufacturer of small appliances for the kitchen and water coolers. Among their products, Primo Water 601087 Water Cooler Dispenser stands out.

And there are reasons enough why this water dispenser has gotten lots of customers. If you’re concerned about spillages when filling your containers with water, that’s where Primp Water dispenser comes in.

Safe and Easy to Use

Primo Temperature 601087 Top Loading Water Dispenser

With Primo water dispenser, you can have the peace of mind knowing too well that your family is safe thanks to the child safety latch hot water faucet. And it gets even better with the night light perfect for the dark.

Also, it features a stainless steel drip tray that you can toss in the dishwasher so you can enjoy water free of disease-causing microorganisms.

No Spillages

Primo Water 601087 Water Dispenser comes with a leak guard probe so you can fill your bottles without spillages whatsoever. This feature makes it stand out from the rest since most are designed to fill water glasses and cups comfortably and not large bottles.

BPA Free

To ensure that you drink water that’s free from contamination, Primo Water uses only the high-quality BPA-free certified materials in the construction of the unit. Industrial grade stainless steel has been used for the water reservoirs keeping the water pure and preventing the growth of any bacteria.


Primo Water 601087 Water Dispenser requires filling from the top. That implies that you still have to lift the bottle every time you want to load. But the best thing about this model is that it supports 3 and 5-gallon bottles.

Primo Water 601087 Water cooler dispenser is versatile and is designed to suit any setting, home or office. It brings about convenience and ease of use so you can enjoy the taste of a cool glass of water or a hot beverage anytime you feel like it.

#5: NewAir WAT40B Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

NewAir is a seller of top quality products in different categories including refrigerators, air conditioners, ice makers and camping coolers. For that instant ice cool and hot water beverage, they present you NewAir WAT40B cool water dispenser.

Safe to Use

The manufacturer has designed the water dispenser with the safety of the users in mind. Aside from the ease of use, NewAir water cooler features child safety latch for the hot water faucet that keeps children from accessing the hot water.

NewAir WAT40B Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

As such you can have peace of mind knowing that the kids won’t sustain injuries if they happen to play around with the unit when no one is around.

BPA-free and NFS Certified

To ensure that you enjoy water free of contamination and in its purest form, NewAir is made from a hundred percent BPA-free materials such that there’s no danger to your health.

Plastic containers need stiffening, and BPA is the synthetic organic compound used for the purpose. If it gets into the water, it makes it impure and poses a danger. As such, you can have zero worries when using this water cooler dispenser.

Simple to fill

Thanks to the bottom loading design, you’ll no longer experience trouble lifting heavy water bottles to refill the unit. Those who’re less strong can now enjoy the ease of use that NewAir cooler water dispenser offers.


The water dispenser area lacks enough room for large containers. As such, filling large and tall contains such as bottles can be a hassle. It would call for a few more inches further down so that tall containers can fit and fill properly without the need to tip.

Overall, NewAir Water Cooler Dispenser is a great choice for both home and office use. It will offer you convenience, and ease of use.

If you’re used to filling large containers with water from a dispenser, probably NewAir water dispenser is not fit for you. In that case, we recommend Primo Water 601087 Water Dispenser that comes with a large guard probe to curb any spillages. That way, you can fetch your water without a worry.

A Brief Water Cooler Dispenser Buying Guide

For the longest time, water cooler dispensers have been the icons for offices. However, they’ve now become a necessity in homes. Nothing beats a cold and refreshing drink on a hot day. Besides, with a water dispenser, everyone develops the urge and habit of drinking water.

But the service you’ll get from a dispenser will depend on the initial choice you make when purchasing. Below, we outline the key features to look out for when buying water cooler dispenser.

Since the hot and cold water cooler dispensers are sold at a premium, you have to determine your budget. After that, you can buy the one with the price range matching your budget.

The purity of water is a key aspect when purchasing your water dispenser. That means your water cooler of choice should be 100% BPA free to dispense uncontaminated water.

Energy efficiency is another feature you need to consider when buying the best water dispenser. Check that it’s Energy Star approved for energy efficiency.  The style and design of the water cooler are other primary consideration. Some will have top storage while others come with bottom storage which makes loading different.

Also, the amount of space will inform your choice of a water cooler dispenser. If you’re in an office or apartment with a limited amount of space, choose the unit that occupies the least space. That way, you can squeeze even in the corner of the room and still enjoy the cold delicious water and refreshing hot beverages at your convenience.


A water dispenser offers you the convenience you badly need. With a hot water cooler dispenser, you get to enjoy cool water and brew hot toasty beverages anytime you want.

Best Water Cooler
  • Clover B14A Water Dispenser
  • Whirlpool 8LIECH Self Cleaning Water Cooler
  • Avalon Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser
  • Primo Temperature 601087 Water Dispenser
  • NewAir WAT40B Bottom Loading Water Dispenser


If you’re looking for a top-notch for your office or any commercial space the Clover B14A Water Dispenser is the ideal pick. Its high-end features and 5-gallon bottle compatibility ensure there’s always water on the go. It also has an adjustable temperature setting and is energy efficient.

However, if you’re on a tight budget we’d recommend the Avalon Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser. Its compact yet stylish design ensures it easily fits into the smallest of spaces and comes with safety features like child lock etc.