Best Keurig For Iced Coffee

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Iced coffee is the new black, and there’s no better way to enjoy it than with a Keurig machine! Not only are Keurig machines some of the most popular coffee makers in the market, but they can make delicious, iced coffee.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a list of the best Keurig for iced coffee, explain each feature, and offer some tips on how to make great iced coffee using a Keurig machine.

Best Keurig Options For Iced Coffee

Before we dive into the nitty gritty, here’s a list of our top picks.

Key Things to Consider When Buying a Keurig Coffee Maker for Iced Coffee

If you’re looking to buy a Keurig coffee maker for iced coffee, there are a few key things to consider.

The Number of People Drinking the Coffee

People holding up coffee mugs to cheers. Consider the number of coffee drinkers before buying a coffee maker.

Keurig has a wide range of models that are perfect for large numbers of people. Some great options include the K50 Elite Single Serve Coffee Maker, which can brew up to 12 cups at a time. The K-Elite Plus System, offers even more space and features with its ability to brew up to 24 cups at one time. These brewers have been designed specifically for larger households and families who value convenience and easy cleanup.


These Keurigs can be placed on virtually any countertop, so there is no need for a lot of space. In fact, the average size of a K-Cup® holder is about 5 inches wide by 3.5 inches deep and 2 inches high.

Inbuilt Frother

Certain models now have an inbuilt frother that whips your milk without the need to use an Aeropress or French Press.

These devices are smaller and more portable than other coffee makers, so they may be an option for those who have limited time or space. These can also help to reduce waste because you don’t have to throw away any filters or foams. You can also use the frother to make Frappuccinos.

Extra Features

There are many extra features that you can add to your Keurig for Iced Coffee. Some of these include the ability to create custom iced coffee drinks, adding sweeteners or flavors, and using reusable filters. Additionally, you can control the temperature and time for your drinks by using the K-Cup® Pod temp controls or programmable timer.

Iced Coffee Function

person pouring iced coffee

When you add ground coffee to the pod receptacle, the machine heats the water in the reservoir tank and then sends it through an internal micro-filter to remove fines and other impurities. The hot water then passes through the K-Cups®, which dissolve quickly in liquid nitrogen creating rich, creamy espresso with an amazing flavor profile.

The Café Latte or Americano beverages are perfect options if you’re looking for icy cold drinks on a warm day! Or if you are looking for something a little stronger, check out some coffee cocktail recipes.

Fun Fact:

The appearance of “water ices” is documented to have taken place in Europe in the 17th century around the same time as ice cream. There is some undocumented conjecture that Marco Polo returned to Venice from China in the 13th century and introduced ice cream or water ices to Italy.

Oxford Companion to Food

The Best Keurig for Iced Coffee

Keurig K-Elite

The Keurig K-Elite ranks at the top because it features a dedicated iced espresso function that produces rich, flavorful coffee that does not get diluted by adding ice. The iced espresso feature produces about 5.75 oz (170ml), of bold coffee at a slightly lower temperature, which is ideal for iced coffee.

The Keurig K-Elite coffee maker has a quiet brew and is quieter than other Keurig coffee machines. Some coffee makers sound like a freight airplane taking off.

You can program the K-Elite’s auto-on function to turn on coffee automatically at a specific time. The auto-off feature saves energy by shutting down the brewer after two hours.

You can also adjust the temperature to change the brewing temperature from 187°F to 192°F. The high-altitude setting can be used by people who live at altitudes greater than 5000 feet. In case of an accident, the drip tray can hold a full cup. When the drip tray is removed, the brewer can hold a 7.2-inch travel mug.

Keurig K-Supreme

This versatile machine can brew both single cups and carafes, making it perfect for both personal use and entertaining. With its large water reservoir, you can brew multiple cups in a row without having to refill, and its adjustable drip tray accommodates both cups and mugs. Plus, the Keurig K-Supreme features four brew sizes, so you can always get the perfect cup of coffee. Ready to upgrade your coffee game?

This top-of-the-line machine comes packed with features to make your coffee drinking experience even better. From its large water reservoir to its customizable settings, this machine has everything you need to make the perfect cup of coffee every time. Plus, its sleek design will elevate the look of your kitchen.

The K-Supreme offers a wide range of settings  that not only allow for great hot coffee, but some of the best iced coffee you’ll ever have. The Keurig K-Supreme is the best all-around coffee machine that can also make iced coffee.

Because it brews quickly, and you don’t have to wait for another mug, this is the perfect machine to make iced coffee for a party. The water reservoir has a capacity of 66 ounces and be placed in a convenient location for filling. If you want a lot of strong iced coffee sooner rather than later, this is the Keurig for you.

Keurig K-Cafe

The Keurig K-Cafe is a single serve coffee maker that allows you to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, without having to brew a whole pot. With the Keurig K-Cafe, you can choose from a variety of different coffee flavors and have your cup of coffee ready in minutes. The Keurig K-Cafe is also equipped with an automatic milk frother, so you can enjoy a latte or cappuccino without having to go to a coffee shop.

Although this model does not have an iced option, it can make great iced coffee drinks by using the Shot button and cold froth selection. This model can make iced caramel macchiato or vanilla latte.

K-Slim + ICED™ Single Serve Coffee Maker

K-Slim + ICED™ Single Serve Coffee Maker is the newest and most innovative single serve coffee maker on the market! This sleek and slim machine takes up minimal counter space and can even be stored in a cabinet. The K-Slim + ICED™ brews both hot and cold beverages, so you can enjoy your favorite coffee or tea all year round. With the touch of a button, you can brew a piping hot cup of coffee or a refreshing cup of iced tea. The K-Slim + ICED™ also features a built-in frother, so you can enjoy creamy lattes and cappuccinos right at home.

As a side note, here’s an article for you, if you are wondering what the differences are between a K-Slim and K-Mini. Though you need the K-Slim + ICED model to make iced coffee, it’s worthwhile to understand your options for small Keurig machines.

Keurig C K-Elite Maker

Looking for a fast and convenient way to make your favorite coffee? Look no further than the Keurig C K-Elite maker! This top-of-the-line coffee maker can brew a piping hot cup of coffee in just minutes, so you can enjoy your favorite beverage without having to wait.

The Iced Setting is a great way to make coffee without sacrificing the taste. I found the coffee flavorful, but blessedly cold. The best part is that it only takes a touch to set this up. To avoid confusion, the button will read “ICED.”

With a sleek and modern design, the Keurig C K-Elite will look great on your countertop. Its many features make it easy to use.

Keurig K-Duo Plus Single Serve and Carafe Coffee Maker

The Keurig K-Duo Plus upgrade is the Keurig K-Duo. The 60oz removable water tank can be placed on either the side or back of the coffeemaker to make the most of the space available. The 12-cup thermal carafe keeps coffee warm for up to two hours. This contrasts with the K-Duo, which uses a glass carafe and a heating plate.

You can use the K-Duo Plus to make single cups or a carafe. You can make single cups in varied sizes (6,8,10 and 12 ounces) or carafes (6.8,10,12 ounces), as well as cups (6.8,10 and 12 cups). No matter whether you’re making individual cups or a large carafe, the strong brew makes bold coffee.

K-Duo Plus includes a gold-tone carafe and can also be used with reusable K-Cups®. The brewer automatically shuts off after five minutes of inactivity to save energy.

It’s easy to use, with just a few buttons. The complexity of coffee makers can overwhelm you with many functionalities and buttons. This is especially helpful when adding yet another feature like iced coffee.  The K-Duo Plus has simple buttons controls that are easy to use. It’s cool you won’t feel like you’re being asked to pilot an F-35 to make a simple cup of cold Joe.

Fun Fact:

French colonists introduced coffee into French Indochina (Vietnam) in the late 19th century. Vietnam quickly became a strong exporter of coffee with many plantations in the central highlands. The beverage was adopted with regional variations. Because of limitations on the availability of fresh milk, the French Colonists and coffee drinkers in the indigenous population began to use sweetened condensed milk with a dark roast coffee. Ca Phe da, the iced coffee beverage of Vietnam is often made with finely ground Vietnamese Robusta beans, dark roasted and individually filter-brewed through a French-style filter called ca phe phin into a cup that is about a third full of condensed milk. This mixture is stirred, and poured over ice.

~ The Free Library

Final Thoughts

K-Cups® are a popular choice for iced coffee because they make the process easy and convenient. They come in various flavors, sizes, and packages, so you will find one that suits your preferences. Additionally, Keurig machines do not require any special brewing instructions; all you need is water and K-Cup® pods.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best K-Cups® for iced coffee?

We recommend using a dark roasted K-Cup®. Medium and light roast coffees are not strong enough to withstand ice and will taste watered-down. A weak-looking iced cup of coffee is the worst, and that is what you’ll get with most Keurig, medium and light roast coffee pods.

You can also find extra-bold K-Cup®, besides the dark roast K Cup coffee pods. Extra bold K Cup coffee pods contain up to 20% more coffee beans than regular ones. 

Some of the best K-Cups® for iced coffee include Newman’s Own Organic Iced Coffee with Strawberries & Cream (24 pod pack), Starbucks Blueberry Scone Frappuccino® (32 pods), Hamilton Beach 12 Pack Variety Pack of Medium Roast Ground Coffee – Java Blend (48 pods). It is important to choose a brand that you trust and whose products you enjoy.

How long does it take to brew iced coffee in a Keurig machine, and what type of beans should I use?

Brewing iced coffee in a Keurig machine is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is fill the water tank, insert the K-Cup®, select your desired strength, and hit start. The delay timer ensures that your coffee will be cold when it’s ready.