What Does The Strong Button Do On Keurig Coffee Makers?

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The invention of the Keurig coffee maker answered the need for a quick cup of delicious coffee. I no longer have to make a whole pot of coffee only to waste what I do not use. Especially since I love a strong cup of coffee while others in my home do not.

Keurig machines offer me the exact flavor that I may be craving at the time. There are three coffee lovers in my household, and no one seems to like the same flavor or the same strength. My Keurig(s) provide each person with their own favorite cup of coffee. So, I never waste an unused pot of coffee because not everyone wants or likes it.

two different types of coffee. Keurig coffee makers allow my family members to make the type of coffee they want without waste.

I own a twelve cup and a mini-size Keurig machine, and I love them. Both also have the Keurig strong button on the top, which I really like using.

If you are like me, the stronger, the better! I just love bold flavor. So when I started looking for a Keurig, I kept top of mind the desire to have stronger coffee now and then.

But after beginning to use the strong button, I started wondering what exactly it does when I use it. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “what does the strong button mean?“, you are not alone!

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Getting To Know Each Keurig Feature

Keurig coffee makers do take a bit of time to get to know. I am surprised at how many people I know who use a Keurig do not know why the company added the Keurig strong button on many Keurig coffee makers. Most only want to know where to put the water and how to turn on their Keurig, not caring about all the other fine features. I think that these people are not making the most of their Keurig.

One such feature on the Keurig is the strong button that enables me to make a more robust brew. Ordinarily, if I want a strong coffee, I use more coffee grounds in my drip maker, or I maybe even let the pot of coffee set overnight. In the morning, I’d have a strong coffee. However, the coffee is not fresh like a freshly brewed Keurig coffee cup.

What Does the Strong Button On Keurig Do?

If I want my coffee to be more robust and flavorful, I simply push the strong button before brewing. By doing so, I get a cup that is brewed with full flavor and maximum strength.

However, there is more to this tiny button than meets the eye. The following is what to expect when pressing this small button.

  • It takes a bit more time. Like a little over 60 seconds to brew a full-flavored coffee. By taking longer to brew, it makes the coffee more robust and increases boldness. If you don’t use the strong button, the brew time is less than 60 seconds.
  • The Keurig strong button allows the coffee grounds in the K-cup to set and steep longer. This extra steeping time allows for a more robust cup of coffee.
  • The strong button will release water at intervals into the K-cup. The regular setting releases the coffee all at once. When my coffee is allowed to steep longer before releasing it into the cup, I notice a big difference in my coffee.
  • Even though the strong button makes my coffee taste more robust, it will not have any more caffeine than if I brewed my coffee regularly.

How Does the Strong Brew Button Work?

Using the strong button on select Keurig coffee makers can take extra time to brew a cup of coffee. As mentioned above, the button slows down the brew time, giving coffee grounds extra time to infuse with water. Since the water spends more time pulling in the coffee flavor, it is more boldly flavored when the strong button is used.

Does the Strong Button Actually Make the Coffee Stronger?

Yes. Speaking from experience, this little button helps create big flavor! No matter what variety of coffee beans you use, using the Keurig’s strong button gives your cup a stronger flavor.

A stronger cup of coffee is great for those who like bold flavor. It’s also a great feature to use when you make iced coffee. Ice can water down a cup of coffee pretty easily, so making a bold brew helps avoid a watered down flavor.

Light roast vs dark roast and the Keurig strong button

Keurig strong button works with any type of coffee roast. This is an image of 3 different types of roasted coffee beans.

Let’s take for example light roast vs dark roast. Light roast coffee is generally a little less boldly flavored with notes of fruit. Meanwhile, dark roasts have more hints of chocolate and deep flavors. If you use the strong button with the light roast coffee grounds, what do you think happens? The flavors become more vivid and intense!

The same is true for the dark roast. However, with a dark roast, it is already naturally more boldly flavored. So using the strong button with a dark roast will give a very bold brewed coffee. The bottom line is that if you are looking for a strong cup, then this Keurig feature is for you. No matter what kind of roast you like.

Does the strong button still work if you make a larger cup?

I like stronger coffee and lots of it. But cup size does matter when using Keurig’s strong button. For example, if I brew four ounces vs. twelve ounces using a single K cup, will the larger cup taste as bold as the smaller coffee mug? The short answer is no, they will not taste the same. Here’s why.

I find that it is always best to make a cup of coffee in my Keurig and not use more than six to eight ounces of filtered water. Especially if you like a strong brew like me!

The best cup size for the strong brew button

image of different coffee cup sizes. Using the strong button on a keurig is best when using 4-8 ounce amount.

If I use more than eight ounces of water and one single K-cup, my cup of coffee will taste too watered down. I know that this may be perfect for someone else, but not for me! I much prefer that the coffee grounds in the K cup are not over-infused.

By slowing down the brew time, that doesn’t mean the potency of the coffee grounds will stay intact for a large cup size. Instead, the strong button works best for a standard size range of 4 to maybe 8 ounces of coffee. The smaller the cup, the stronger the flavor.

Using more than eight ounces of water requires me to use two K-cups. When I brew the coffee using two K-cups, I get a perfect cup of coffee for this amount of water. Understandably, using two K-cups for an oversized coffee mug will be more expensive. However, I get a cup of coffee well worth the price.

Are There Certain Types of K-cups that will Work Better with the strong setting?

According to the Keurig corporation customer service, you do not have to use any specific flavor of K cup coffee when using the strong button, as long as it is the K cups brand. The specific K Cup brand of coffee is explicitly designed for use with all their coffee maker products.

By increasing the brew time on the coffee machine, the strength and flavor of the coffee will increase as well. It doesn’t matter if you are using a light roast, dark roast or anything in between. If you like strong coffee, the strong button will enable a longer brew time and provide the strength and flavor you are looking for. No matter what type of coffee.

What about teas, coffee drinks or hot cocoa k cups?

If you like your coffee strong, chances are you like other bold flavors too. So why stop with black coffee? You can also get more bold tea or hot cocoa flavor by slowing down the brewing process. The strong option will take slightly longer to brew, but will extract every last bit of flavor in the process.

Keep in mind the same principles mentioned above. Mainly, be sure to not make too large of a cup at once. If you are looking to strengthen the flavor of a drink, be sure to keep the size of the brew between 4 and 8 ounces…

What Keurig Models Offer this Feature?

A few Keurig Coffeemakers are designed with a strong button, so be sure to check the product images and descriptions before buying. To help get you started in the right direction, the following Keurig coffee makers have a strong button.

You may believe that you already have a perfect cup of coffee every day from your Keurig machine. However, now that you know what the strong button does on your Keurig you will notice a further improvement in your cup of coffee. If you enjoy strong coffee, be sure to use the right button.