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Pondering over the decision whether you need an RO or not? We covered the pros and cons of an under sink water filter to help answer the questions.

Under sink water filters are versatile and popular systems which help in making your water clean and free of all kinds of contaminants.

They are easy to install and can really reduce your water cost by providing you with an unlimited supply of pure drinking water. They are one of the most popular water filters for home use and offer various amazing features to the users which is why most homeowners enjoy them.

Not sure what an under sink water filter is and how it works? Don’t worry, we understand that people who have recently started their single life or life as a family might not be completely aware of this crucial water filter system which is why we have prepared this article.

In this article, we will be explaining the meaning and use of an under sink water filter and the pros and cons of owning it so that you have the complete information about it before you choose a product for yourself.

What is an Under Sink Water Filter?

An Under Sink Water Filter is the commonly used water filters at home which is installed under the counter or beneath the kitchen sink to produce clean and pure water for drinking and cooking purposes. This type of water filter is not only inexpensive but also helps in saving some kitchen space which can be later used to store some other important kitchen equipment.

Installing an under sink water filter

An Under Sink Water Filter is easy to install and is available in different filtration stages which gives the customers the chance to customize their water filter as they desire. With this type of water filter, you can take the help of a professional for proper installation or you can DIY and you have an option to connect it to your water tap or dispenser for continuously clean water flow.

Now, you might wonder if you even need to install a water filter at your home or not. Well, the answer is if you want pure, contaminant-free drinking water then yes it is important that you get yourself a water filter.

We all know that the water supplied by municipal corporations is clean but not completely clean and there could be chlorine or other metals infused in the water which can be harmful to you. A water filter will help in getting rid of not only the germs and the bacteria but will also ensure that there are not elements or metals in your drinking water which could make you ill.

Why you should use an Under Sink Water Filter

Offers you Variety

One of the best advantages of using an under sink water filter is that there are numerous types of filters available for the customers to choose which can help them in installing a water filter that will be able to get rid of all the contaminants that make the water unfit for drinking.

So, you will find simple to advanced models that will feature some high-level filtration capabilities and will be able to remove elements and matter which are not easily removed by simple water filters.

A few of these water filter models will also be able to get rid of heavy metals in the water like fluoride, arsenic, radium, and so on which could make you and your family sick if not removed completely.

Provides High-Speed Purified Water

Another great advantage of using an under sink water filter is that it can provide you with fast flowing water which will take barely 10-15 minutes to fill a water bottle.

This is because the water is stored in a hydrostatic air pressure bladder tank which maintains constant optimal pressure for high-speed clean water.

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No Spilling on Floor

An under sink water filter gives you the surety that you don’t have to worry about any water spills anymore since the under sink water filter is integrated directly with your main water tap with the help of a curved tap. So, you just need to place your bottle beneath the water faucet and open the tap to fill water.

Conserves Space

As we have mentioned before, one of the best advantages of using an under sink water filter is that it doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be installed beneath the sink which allows you to conserve your kitchen space efficiently.

This is why this is the perfect water filter for people who are low on kitchen space and need a compact water filter to install at home.

Affordable Price Range

This type of water filter is highly affordable both in terms of initial purchase and maintenance cost which is why it is the perfect product for people who are looking for an inexpensive yet effective water filter for their home.

Maintains the Kitchen Style

Since the under sink water filter can be stored under the sink and out of direct visibility, so you don’t have to worry about this water filter ruining your kitchen style as well. The only thing which will be visible is the water tap.

Cons of Using an Under Sink Water Filter

Offers Pure Water only at Point of Use

One major disadvantage of using an under sink water filter is that it doesn’t provide you with clean pure water throughout the house.

So, you can only filter the water at the water outlet where it is installed, unlike a whole house water filter. So, you cannot get filtered shower water with this water filter unless you install it there too.

The requirement of a Water Filter Tap

If you opt for a regular under sink water filter then you would need to install another standard tap or a 3-way tap which is not compatible with most kitchen faucets. This means you would need to purchase a new kitchen faucet to be able to use a regular under sink water filter.

However, an inline under sink water filter could solve this problem as they allow you to use the existing tap to flow filtered water. However, an inline under sink water filter is difficult to install which can make it a non-appealing option to most users.