How to Clean Range Hood Filters in 5 Easy Peasy Steps

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Is your range hood not functioning as well as it did before? Cleaning can boost its functioning and we’ll tell you exactly how to do it.

Cleaning your Range Hood Filters is important if you want your hood to work efficiently for a long time and not show any signs of disturbances or damages. Maintaining and taking care of the filter plays an important part and a lot of manufacturers advise users to clean their filters at least once a month.

Yes, that is a lot of cleaning as we know that most of us don’t bother to clean the filters for years but if you wish your range hood to efficiently trap the smoke and the heat then this is important. In this article, we will discuss the types of range hood filters that require regular cleaning and how you can do it easily at home.

How to Clean a Range Hood Filter

Although cleaning a range hood filter will take a considerable amount of time and effort on your part, it is an important job that you must perform every month. It can take anywhere between 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the method that you choose to clean your range hood filters.

Step 1: Switch off the Power Supply

Before you start the cleanup process, make sure that you have turned off your appliance. Switch off the electrical supply and unplug the range hood for precaution and wait for half an hour before you start removing the filters.

Step 2: Detach the Filter

Once you have switched off the power supply, you need to take a proper look at your range hood before you remove the range hood filters.

Hood Filter

Check if you can see the filters clearly and ensure that you first detach any protective casing that might be surrounding the range hood base. Although it is highly unlikely that your range hood will have a protective casing, it is always better to check before you proceed.

If you can see the filters clearly now then you need to determine if they are attached to the rest of the equipment or not. You might notice a screw holding the filter in place or a T-lock in some cases.

There might be a fastener or a latch mechanism in place. You will need to unscrew or unlatch these mechanisms to free your range hood filter but not to worry, it will take you barely 2 minutes to accomplish this task.

Step 3: Keep the Filter in Sink or a Pan

Once you have removed the filter, you need to keep it in a separate area where you will be cleaning it with a solution. You can clean the filter in your kitchen, bathroom, garden, or any other place where you wish which will cause a minimal mess.

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Step 4: Ready the Cleaning Solution and Clean the Filters

Now, you need to prepare a cleaning solution for your range hood filter for an effective cleaning process. There are actually 4 types of cleaning solutions that you can use for washing your range hood filter:

Dishwasher Detergent

One of the most effective cleaning agents is a dishwasher detergent which will take you at most an hour to clean your range hood filter efficiently.

Dishwasher Soap

To use this solution, you will first need to dampen your filter with water and then place it in your sink or a pan.

Then, apply the dishwasher detergent on your filter and let it soak up for an hour. Make sure that the entire filter is completely covered with the detergent and after letting it sit for an hour, wash it with clean hot water.

If there are still traces or dirt or grease then apply more detergent on the filter and use a brush to get rid of the stubborn grease spots. You might need to repeat this process a few times to get your filter completely clean.


This method requires a lot of scrubbing on your side which can be slightly tiresome and is usually effective for cleaning a grease filter. You will need to start by searching for a pot that is large enough to hold your filter and then fill it with a sufficient amount of water. Then, heat this water but don’t boil it and add a degreaser to it.

Now, submerge your filter inside it but be careful to not touch the solution as it is acidic. Leave your filter inside this water solution for 30 minutes and then scrub it hard using a cleaning brush.

Soapy Water and Ammonia

If you regularly clean your range hood filter then you just need to use hot soapy water and ammonia to keep it cleaned and well-maintained. First, you need to block your sink and then add hot water, dish soap, and ammonia to it. Add your filter to this solution and then use a brush to clean your filter well.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Another effective method to clean your range hood filter is by applying vinegar and baking soda solution to your filter.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Take a big pan that will easily fit your filter and then add water to it. Boil the water and then add 2 tsp of baking soda and 3 tbsp of vinegar. Mix the mixture and make sure that you add the baking soda slowly and not all of it together. Now, keep your filter inside this pan and let it stay for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, take out the filter using a pair of tongs and then use a brush to scrub it well in the sink. Rinse it with water and repeat the process if required.

Use a Dishwasher

A lot of modern range hood filters are dishwasher friendly so you can easily clean them if you own a dishwasher. You will find this information in your product description. Cleaning with the help of a dishwasher will eliminate the need for thorough cleaning but if your filter has accumulated a lot of greases, smoke, etc. then a dishwasher might not be that effective.

Step 5: Air Dry the Filter and Re-Assemble it to the Hood

Once the range hood filters are thoroughly washed and rinsed with water, you will need to dry them before you put them back into place. Some filters are metallic which is why blow-drying them could be a bad idea and can lead to electric shock. Just let the filter air-dry and then attach it back to the range hood so that you can start using your equipment again.

Clean your Greasy Range hood filter


Are All Filters Cleanable?

In order to learn more about the range hood filters that require regular cleaning, you will first need to understand the types of filters that are available for a range hood. There mainly three types of range hood filters:

  • Charcoal Filters
  • Metallic Grease Filters
  • Fabric Grease Filters

All the range hoods include a grease filter that is responsible for filtering out the grease and the oil exhaust in the kitchen. They are usually available in all types of range hoods except for some older models.

A fabric grease filter behaves like a sponge and absorbs the grease and fumes which is why it cannot be cleaned and can only be replaced after some time.

The metallic grease filter is constructed out of stainless steel or aluminum and needs to be cleaned often for the best results.

On the other hand, a charcoal filter is generally present in a ductless model and is used for removing the bad odor and smoke from the kitchen. This type of filter is only used if the filtered air will be released back into the kitchen. They cannot be cleaned and have to be replaced in every 3-4 months for continual use.

Do I Need to Clean it Regularly? 

With every machine, it is important that you take proper care and maintenance of it if you want it to work efficiently. Similarly, you need to clean range hood filters at regular intervals so that your hood can suck in the bad odor, heat, smoke, etc. from your kitchen and vent it outside of your house.

Here are a few reasons which make cleaning of the range hood filter an important task for every range hood owner.

How to Clean a Range Hoods

It Improves Efficiency and Life

Keeping your Rangehood and the filter clean will prolong the life of your machine and will provide you with better efficiency.

Regular cleaning will also make it easier to get rid of the grease and food particles that get stuck to the insides of your range. This will also ensure that you don’t need to replace any range hood part while ensuring the effective removal of grease and heat produced from the stoves.

Makes using the hood Healthier

If you don’t clean your range hood filter regularly then it can accumulate a lot of grease and heat which is the perfect place for bacteria and other pathogens to thrive. This can lead to several diseases and can also contaminate your food which can be dangerous to your health.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the food bits which get stuck to the hood along with the exhaust feed the bacteria which is why it is important that you clean your filter periodically.

It Prevents Accidental Fire

Since your range hood is responsible for trapping the heat, grease, oil, etc. from the stove, it often accumulates this in the hood which can lead to accidental fires.

If the flames from the stove come in contact with the dirty parts then it can lead to an uncontrollable fire that can damage your kitchen and be hazardous to your health.

So, make sure that you clean your range hood and the filters properly to ensure that no grease or oil gets accumulated and prevents any accidental fires that might occur.

Neat Looking Kitchen

Let’s face it, if your range hood is dirty then it won’t look nice or hygienic. This is why you should clean your range hood so that it looks new and complements the look of your kitchen. Apart from being hygienic, it will also look more attractive and you will feel more confident about your kitchen.