How to Pick the Right Under Sink Water Filter For Your Home

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Wondering how you can purchase the best under sink water filter for yourself? If yes, then this is the perfect guide to get started.

We understand that pure and clean drinking water is important to stay healthy and fit but tap water is generally impure and contains a lot of contaminants and chemicals which can be harmful to us.

While most of us receive water supply from a municipal corporation after the water is cleaned, a lot of particles like chlorine, metals, etc. still remain in the water which can cause bad taste or odor and can often leave with an unpleasant aftertaste.

In such situations, it is important to install a water filter so that you can get clean drinking water which is devoid of any bacteria, viruses, metals, etc.

Although there are many types of water filters available, an under sink water filter is one of the most popular and versatile water filters which is easy and convenient to use and is quite affordable too.

In this article, we will explain the different types of Under Sink Water Filters that are available and how you can choose the best-suited product for yourself.

Here are a few important points that you must remember when choosing the perfect Under Sink Water Filter for yourself.

Know the Type of Filter You Need

There are two types of Under Sink Water Filters that come with different build and design and work quite differently from each other. If you are looking for an under sink water filter for yourself, then you need to first decide on your model/build before you can proceed with any other feature.

The two types of under sink water filters consist of a simple under sink filter and a conventional under sink water filter. In the following section, we will explain both these types of under sink water filters and how they are different from each other.

Simple Under Sink Water Filter

A simple under sink water filter can be easily installed in your kitchen which then diverts your cold water supply through the filter for pure clean drinking water.

You don’t need a separate tap to supply your pure water, you can simply use your regular faucet. However, this filter is only connected to your cold water line so you won’t be able to filter your hot water with the help of this water filter.

Simple under sink water filter

This type of water filter is cheap and easy to use and you don’t need to make any modification to your sink or countertop to install this filter. Since you don’t have two cold water faucets, one for filtered and the other for unfiltered water, this is quite a simple system to use.

However, since a large amount of water flows through this water filter, you will need to replace the filters frequently to get clean drinking water. Also, due to the higher flow of water being passed through this filter, some contaminants might escape the filtration process.

Conventional Under Sink Water Filter

A conventional under sink water filter is a little complicated to install and requires you to divert the cold water from the main pipe to the filter system with the help of a short plastic tube.

Once the water is filtered, it will be directed to a separate faucet that is mounted on your sink to supply you with filtered clean water. However, the water which is supplied to your regular hot and cold water faucets will stay unfiltered.

Conventional under sinkw ater filter

This filter system is constantly under pressure so it will easily pass the water through your water filter and then to your water tap. Since only a small amount of water is filtered, your filter will last for a longer period of time and the water will be better filtered as the flow rate of water will be considerably low.

While such filters offer tons of benefits, one main disadvantage of this filter system is that you will need to purchase a sink with two faucet holes or you will need to make a new hole in your countertop or hill to install the additional faucet for filtered water.

Water Filtration Technology Used

Another thing that you need to consider is the water filtration technology that is used to provide users with clean drinking water.

An under sink water filter can use any of these 5 filter technologies: RO, UV, UF, Sediment Filter, and Activated Carbon technologies. So, you need to determine which water filter technology will be better for your home water supply.

Reverse Osmosis

A Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filter technology uses a semi-permeable membrane in which pressure is applied to the water to remove the heavy metals and chemicals that are present in the passing water.

So, water is passed through this membrane and then the pressure is applied to the water so that heavy metal particles, chemical particles, etc. get trapped in the RO membrane.

So, you are supplied with soft clean drinking water for use. However, one major disadvantage of using this technology is that it cannot remove minerals from your drinking water.

Anatomy of a reverse osmosis system


An Ultraviolet (UV) water filter technology uses the UV light to deactivate the contaminants, viruses, bacteria, etc. which can often result in water-borne diseases.

Although the UV light kills the bacteria and viruses, it doesn’t remove their dead bodies from the water which is a major disadvantage of this water filter.


An Ultrafiltration (UF) water filter technology passes the water through hollow fibers which trap the suspended solids and water-borne diseases carrying bacteria and viruses. This type of water filter doesn’t require electricity to work and can even work on muddy water.

Activated Carbon

An Activated Carbon water filter technology helps in removing pesticides and other chemicals from the water while also taking care of the bad odor of the water.

This water filter consists of porous material traps which help in trapping these chemicals, bacteria, and viruses.

This water filter can also remove the chlorine from the municipally supplied water and can provide you clean drinking water with better taste.

Sediment Filter

A Sediment Filter technology helps in removing only the sand, clay, mud, etc. particles and doesn’t remove any viruses or chemicals from the water.

High Water Pressure 

One of the most important things to consider when looking for an effective and suitable under sink water filter is the water pressure provided by the filter. No one wants to wait for half an hour to fill a glass of water or bottle which is why installing a water filter with good water pressure is extremely important.

A simple under sink water filter offers better water flow rate than a conventional under sink water filter but the water filtered by the former filter is less clean than the water supplied by the latter filter. This is because the water flows quickly through the simple water filter due to increased pressure and some contaminants might escape due to this high flow rate.

This could be a serious issue if you highly contaminated water in your area but if you don’t have contaminated water supply in your area, then the flow rate of water is insignificant.

Good Filtering Capacity

As we know there are different filter technologies used in under sink water filters which is why it is important that you determine the filtering capacity of your water filter before making a choice.

Make sure that you use a home quality water testing kit to determine the type of contaminants available in your water supply. This will help you in deciding which filter technology will be more suited to your area so that you can choose an appropriate under sink water filter model for yourself.

Ease of Installation

An important point to consider is the ease of installation of the water filter. Although it might not seem like a big deal since it needs to be installed only once but if a unit is difficult to install then there are chances you might damage it while installing it. This will result in you need to get a spare part or another water filter unit for yourself and can end up costing you a lot.

Most water filters are easy to install and can be taken up as DIY projects so you don’t need to hire a professional to install it. Choose a model which would be easy to install and will have many online video tutorials to help you out in installing your water filter on your own.

Steps to Install a simple under sink water filter


Cartridge Durability

Apart from being easy to change, an under sink water filter system should include filter cartridges that don’t require frequent replacement. Although most under sink water filter systems need filter replacement every 6 months, there are several models in the market which need a filter change only once in every 3 or 5 years.

A cartridge which can filter more water is better built and will generally last longer since they are constructed out of high-quality materials and will also be more efficient at filtering the water.

However, always remember that a cartridge’s life depends on the water quality and might be less in some cases due to highly-contaminated water.

What is your Budget?

You also need to consider the price of the under sink water filter system before purchasing it and choose a model which comes under your budget range.

Also, remember to also include the maintenance and upkeep cost because if you choose a model which requires a lot of high-cost maintenance then you might not be able to keep up with the upkeep of your under sink water filter system. This will result in contaminated water and will defeat the purpose of using a water filter at home.

Ease of Maintenance and Cleaning

Any under sink water filter should be easy to clean and maintain with minimal cost. Make sure that you consider a water filter which comes with quick and easy to change filters so that you can easily DIY without the help of customer service or professionals.

Look for a water filter which will take just 10 minutes to change the filter. This will make it easier for you to maintain your water filter and you don’t find it a huge task too.


Faucet Compatibility

Finally, you also need to consider the tap compatibility of your under sink water filter. As we discussed above, a conventional under sink water requires an additional faucet to dispense filtered water so you will need to check if your sink has an additional hole to install a new faucet or not. If the answer is no, then you might to drill a new hole which could be a messy process.

On the other hand, a simple under sink water filter doesn’t need an additional faucet and will be perfect if you don’t have space or don’t wish to install a new water tap on your sink.


Choosing a good under sink water filter is not easy and requires a lot of careful consideration. This is why it important that you check all the above points before making any final decision.

Make sure that you choose an under sink water filter system which will be easy to use and will provide you with clean drinking water which is free of all contaminations.