Keurig Slim vs Mini: Know The Differences Before You Buy!

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Keurig coffee maker users are a loyal group. Some prefer the top-of-the-line units, including those in the Keurig 2.0 brewing family. Others like simpler models that brew coffee quickly and reliably, but lack the comprehensive features found on the more sophisticated models in the Keurig brand. But it can be challenging to figure out the differences between models. In this article, we’ll dig into the differences and similarities between the Keurig Slim vs Mini.

Two popular starter models worth considering are the Keurig Slim and the Keurig Mini. Both of these models are currently available from Keurig, as well as many independent dealers. Although the Slim and Mini are both perfect options for those who have a small kitchen or a tight budget, each has unique features that may make it a better choice for you. 

Features of the Keurig Slim

image of Keurig slim

A great countertop coffee companion, the Slim takes less than 5″ width across the countertop. Simply crafted, this space-saving unit allows the user to select among three brewing options that include eight, ten, and twelve ounce cups of coffee. For those who do not want to refill their coffee maker after each cup, the 46 ounce water reservoir allows for the brewing of multiple cups. 

The K-Slim has MultiStream Technology™ available in the newest units, a great way to ensure that you will enjoy the full, rich taste of the flavors available from Keurig. The unit works with all K-Cups, including cocoa and tea, as well as coffee blends. 

This energy efficient unit includes an auto-off feature that will shut off the Slim five minutes after completing the last brew, an important feature that prevents the waste of electricity. Travel mugs of up to seven inches will fit in this unit if the user removes the drip tray. This tray will also hold the contents of a single, full brew if started without a cup in place to prevent spillage on the counter. 

Specifications of the Keurig Slim

  • K-Slim dimensions: 12.14” H x 4.76” W x 15.2” D
  • Weight of the brewer unit: 6.22 lbs.
  • Total height when the handle is raised and open: 17.28”
  • Voltage:  120V

Features of the Keurig Mini

Keurig mini image

The Mini occupies less than five inches of width on the countertop, freeing up a greater amount of countertop space for other uses. The user has the flexibility of brewing a single cup ranging between six and twelve ounces by pouring water into the attached reservoir. The machine quickly brews coffee, though it does require the user to add fresh water before each instance of brewing a new, single cup of coffee. 

Keurig is also making an important environmental statement in the production of the K-Mini. As part of the company’s plan to reduce the use of new — or “virgin” — plastic, this unit is made largely from recycled and reconstituted plastic. According to the company’s website, as of the summer of 2022, the K-Mini’s production has led to a reduction of more than one-million pounds of new plastic.

Specifications of the Keurig Mini

  • K-Slim dimensions: 12.1” H x 4.5” W x 11.3” D
  • Weight of the brewer unit: 4.6 lbs.
  • Total height when the handle is raised and open: 16.8”
  • Voltage:  120V

Price Comparison Keurig Slim vs Mini

While retail prices vary, the K-Mini® Single Serve Coffee Maker is a more affordable option than Keurig’s K-Slim® Single Serve Coffee Maker. The K-Mini Plus® Single Serve Coffee Maker usually has a retail price more than the standard Mini, but less than the Slim. 

What Are the Similarities between the Mini and Slim Keurig?

similarities between the keurig mini and slim

Among the family of Keurig products, there are some notable similarities between the Mini and Slim. Both are very compact units that use only a minimum amount of countertop space. Both models have the Energy Saver auto-off feature. Each unit lacks a digital clock, display screen, and temperature controls. Neither has special functions to create cappuccinos, lattes, or to froth milk.

What Are the Differences Between Keurig Slim vs Mini?

There are some notable differences between the Mini and Slim. The Mini has an auto-on feature, though the Slim lacks this feature. The Slim has a high-altitude setting, an option not available with the Mini. The Slim comes only in a matte black color, while the Mini has multiple color options. 

The most notable differences between these models involve their water capacity and brewing options. The K-Slim allows the user to brew three cup sizes of eight, ten, and twelve ounces. The Slim’s water reservoir is removable and can hold up to 46 ounces. The K-Mini has a twelve ounce water reservoir in the back, so it requires refilling between each cup of coffee. 

What Kind of K-Cup You Need

Introduced after Keurig’s patent on K-Cups ended in 2012, the 2.0 models have a scanning technology that prevents the machines from working with single-serve cups from other manufacturers unless licensed by Keurig. Response by Keurig owners to this technology was negative, and many have found ways to circumvent the scanning technology so they can enjoy the coffee they like. Note that certain pods, such as those from Rivo, Vue, K-Mug, and K-Carafe, do not work with the K-mini, so be sure to do additional research if uncertain of non-standard pods.

Can You Use Any K-Cup for Keurig Mini?

The K-Mini works with any regular K-Cups. Since this model is not a 2.0, you do not have to be concerned about the unit not being able to read the cups.

Can You Use Any K-Cup for Keurig Slim?

The K-Slim accepts both branded and non-branded regular K-cups. You may also use either the K-Slim Reusable Filter available from Keurig, as well as universal filter substitutes as long as the bottom 2.0 adapter is removed, if necessary. 

K-Mini vs K-Mini Plus: What’s The Difference?

Keurig’s K-Mini Plus

When evaluating the K-Mini, we must also consider the differences between this model and the K-Mini Plus. These machines come in the same size, both offering compact and lightweight alternatives for coffee aficionados. Both come in a variety of colors. Despite their similar design and weight, the K-Mini Plus is a more robust alternative. 

The biggest difference involves the brew. While the K-Mini and K-Mini Plus offer identical results for regular brews, the “strong brew” option on the Plus model has a slower flow to guarantee a richer brew. The strength control gives the user the ability to craft a more intense, richer cup of coffee

Another difference is found in the water storage tank. The Plus has a water tank that is removable, easier to clean and refill when compared with the Mini. In addition, the Plus has a pod storage container that can accommodate up to nine pods, another nice option for those with limited countertop space. 

The K-Mini Plus does have a higher cost due to these additional features. When comparing the Plus with the Slim, you may want to consider whether having the larger 46 ounce water reservoir of the Slim is more important than the “strong brew” function on the Plus. 

To summarize, the K-Mini Plus has three additional features beyond what the K-Mini offers:

  1. The strong brew option
  2. Removable water reservoir
  3. Pod storage container included

K-Slim Pros and Cons


  • Slim design like K-Mini, but with a 46 ounce reservoir
  • Does not scan pods, so it brews both unlicensed and licensed K-Cups
  • Brews quietly and includes Keurig’s upgraded system


  • Lacks a water filter kit
  • Has only 3 preset sizes for brewing coffee
  • Water reservoir in the rear requires effort to refill

K-Mini Pros and Cons


  • Great lower-end, inexpensive model for starters
  • Easy to use, lightweight, and compact
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Full K-Cups compatibility


  • Louder than higher-end models
  • Lacks a timer and programming functions
  • Lacks an ability to self-clean

What Is the Smallest Keurig Model?

The K-Mini and Keurig K15 are the smallest Keurig models available for purchase today. The K15 is wider than the K-Mini, but it is shorter and requires less depth. Similar to the K15, the K-Mini is a great choice for those seeking a starting unit that occupies a minimum amount of space. 

Keurig Slim vs Mini: A Detailed Comparison

Considering the Features of the Slim

The K-Slim is an easy-to-use machine. Relatively quiet in its operation, it requires approximately one minute to make the coffee. Although it does not have an iced coffee button option, you can certainly brew coffee and create a simple iced coffee mix with a little extra effort. 

The Slim allows you to select your cup size while the unit heats the water. You do not need the water to reach brewing temperature before selecting the cup size that you prefer. All you need to do is insert the K-Cup that you prefer, select the portion you wish to have, and press the brew button. You can then leave the room momentarily, knowing that when you return the coffee will be dispensed into the cup. With its auto-off feature, this energy-saving unit will shut off the machine five minutes after it has completed its last brew. 

Considering the Features of the Mini and Mini Plus

The K-Mini has fewer features than the K-Slim. A more affordable option, the Mini is a great choice for those who want a machine that brews a single cup of coffee and are willing to refill the reservoir each time they want a new cup.

The Mini’s lower price also makes it a great option for those who are interested in Keurig products but want to get a starter model, rather than one with some of the features available on more expensive models. Easy to clean and simple to operate, the Mini brews hot and delicious coffee from all K-Cups.

Those who enjoy stronger coffee may choose to purchase a K-Mini Plus instead of a K-Mini. Though similar in weight and dimensions, the Plus version does have an option that allows for the brew of a stronger coffee.

For those who wish to have greater control over their coffee experience, such as not having to add water after each cup is brewed, the K-Mini and K-Mini Plus would not be the best options. 

A Detailed Evaluation: Keurig Slim vs Mini

Keurig mini vs slim

Both models need regular descaling and cleaning, similar to all coffee brewers, to ensure top performance. The Slims larger reservoir that is located on the back of the unit can be easily cleaned. The Mini’s internal reservoir also requires cleaning, though without a cleaning indicator as a reminder, the user will have to be more conscientious about doing a descaling cycle for the Mini.

The Mini offers greater flexibility in setting your cup size. You simply pour between six and twelve ounces of water into the reservoir, add a K-Cup, and the brew will fill your cup. With the Slim model, you can select from three specific cup sizes, ranging from eight to twelve ounces. 

Neither unit has some of the features found on higher-end models, such as clocks or timers. Those who want a more sophisticated brewing experience may want to consider Keurig models with the features they enjoy. However, for those who enjoy single K-Cup brews without the need to learn a variety of features, either the Slim or Mini will serve your needs without breaking the bank.

Final Takes

Basic units that take up little counter space, the K-Mini and K-Slim each offer reliable coffee-brewing experiences for those interested in a Keurig model at the lower-end of the price range. The Slim has more options, greater ease-of-use, and brews more quickly than the Mini. The Mini requires that the user fill the reservoir before each use, and the time required to heat the water is longer than a Slim that can handle more than one cup while quickly reheating the water. 

When considering the Keurig Slim vs Mini, the final decision about which will be best depends on the tastes of the user. Those wanting a single-serve coffee machine that can brew cups between six and twelve ounces in a machine available in a variety of colors should consider the K-Mini. If they want these features, plus the ability to brew a stronger cup, the K-Mini Plus offers a great option. Those who prefer a machine that can brew multiple cups in quick succession, and do so in a quiet manner, would prefer the K-Slim. 

There are many reviews at Amazon for the Keurig Slim and the Keurig Mini, both in the standard Mini and Mini Plus formats.