Buying a good kitchen faucet is essential if you want to make your kitchen work easier and more convenient.

However, with the plethora of kitchen faucet styles and designs available in the market, it can become overwhelming to choose the right product for yourself.

But before you check out our kitchen faucet reviews you will first have to first select the faucet style which will suit your kitchen.

So, we have prepared a list of 12 kitchen faucet types available in the market along with their advantages and drawbacks. This will help you in picking the right faucet style for your kitchen.

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Here Are The 12 Most Popular Types of Kitchen Faucets

1. Single-Hole Kitchen Faucet

Single Hole Kitchen Faucet image

One of the most commonly used kitchen faucets is the Single-Hole Kitchen Faucet. As the name suggests, this type of kitchen faucet requires only one hole in the countertop for installation and has a fairly simple design.

It has a handle for setting the water flow and temperature while you can adjust the water pressure by installing your choice of the aerator in the faucet spout.

You will find several designs in this kitchen faucet which will look elegant or modern, depending on your preference. So, you get both convenience and style with this type of kitchen faucet.


  • Simple and straightforward to operate
  • It needs only a single hole for installation
  • Easily available in the shops and markets


  • It has simple, basic features


2. Kitchen Faucet with a Side Sprayer

Example of a Double-Hole Kitchen Faucet


A lot of people often opt for a kitchen faucet that doesn’t come with a detachable head. This could be because they are concerned about their hygiene or aesthetics of the kitchen.

Well, whatever be the reason, this doesn’t mean that you have to compromise and purchase a faucet without a hose.

A kitchen faucet with a side sprayer is a good choice for such people as it will provide you with both flexibility and convenience.

While both the faucet and the side sprayer will use the same water pipe, the sprayer will extend similarly as a detachable spray head. It will have its own features like 360-degrees swivel, adjustable aerators, etc.

So, you don’t have to worry about the aesthetics or the hygiene anymore, because both the units are separate and effective.


  • The sprayer is installed individually from the faucet
  • It is more hygienic to use than other kitchen faucets
  • It can be moved to cover large distances


  • There are high chances of water splashing
  • It requires several holes for installation


3. Double-Hole Kitchen Faucet

Example of a Double-Hole Kitchen Faucet


This type of kitchen faucet is also known as a double-handle faucet or a center set faucet as it features two separate handles for controlling hot and cold water.

As mentioned in the name, this kitchen faucet requires multiple holes to install it. It is ideal for families because hot and cold water handles are clearly marked so there are fewer chances of accidents.

It is known as center set kitchen faucet because a single metal plate connects all the lines and the faucet spout together.


  • It offers different handles for managing hot and cold water
  • It has a traditional, elaborate design.


  • It requires more than 1 hole for installation.


4. Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

image of a Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet


Pull-Out Kitchen Faucets have a detachable spray head that can be pulled out towards you. It includes a hose that allows this to happen and makes it more flexible to use.

It is one of the most versatile faucets in the market and is great for a variety of kitchen tasks. You can fill water with it, rinse the dishes, or clean the hard-to-reach places in a sink or a utensil.

Also, you can find this faucet available in all kinds of materials and designs which will suit your kitchen design and be long-lasting.


  • It offers great flexibility in the kitchen
  • It is available in several materials and styles
  • It is great for both cleaning and cooking


  • There are increased chances of splashes


5. Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Image

Ideally, both Pull-Out and Pull-Down faucets have the same features but they differ slightly in the design.

The spray heads of the Pull-Down kitchen faucets are located in a downward direction and used as an extension of the faucet. They don’t have a separate hose which can make them less flexible.

But, this means that there are fewer chances of splashing as well. With Pull-Down kitchen faucet, you can’t access above the sink rim so it is easier to keep your sink area clean.


  • It doesn’t cause as much splashing as a Pull-Out faucet
  • It can access difficult spots while washing


  • It can’t be stretched too far
  • It is not ideal for small sinks


6. Wall-Mounted Kitchen Faucet

Wall-Mounted Kitchen Faucet Example

If you are looking for a space saver kitchen faucet then wall-mounted faucets are the perfect choice for you. This is ideal for small homes or small counter space as it clears more elbow space for you.

Another great thing about this kind of faucets is that it is easily available in a multitude of colors, styles, sizes, etc. So, you will have your pick to match your kitchen interior designs.

However, you need to be careful when installing these kitchen faucets because if you miscalculate the distance then it can cause a lot of water splashing.

Also, you would need the help of an experienced plumber to install this type of kitchen faucet because special drains and valves need to be placed inside the wall.


  • It leaves more countertop space for you to use
  • It is easy to keep your kitchen faucet spout clean
  • There are several colors and designs to choose from


  • It can often lead to a lot of water splashing
  • It requires some remodeling of your wall for the installation to complete


7. Commercial Kitchen Faucet

Image of a Commercial Kitchen Faucet

If you are looking for a highly efficient, professional kitchen faucet then a commercial kitchen faucet is the best choice.

This type of kitchen faucet is ideal for restaurant chefs who need 100% efficiency and 0% error as these faucets include advanced design and features.

They are also available in bigger sizes in comparison to traditional home faucets and you can find both flashy and basic features in these models. Basically, commercial kitchen faucets are for those who would like professionally designed faucets for regular home usage.


  • It can handle the high water volume
  • Available in several amazing styles
  • Designed using advanced technologies


  • It is more expensive in comparison to other kitchen faucet styles


8. Widespread Kitchen Faucet

Widespread Kitchen Faucet Example

This type of kitchen faucet is a slight variation of the center set kitchen faucets. While the center set faucets have a single metal plate connecting all the parts, widespread kitchen faucets have all the pieces separated which need to be installed individually.

You can space them anywhere between 6-inches to 16-inches so, proper planning is required. So, you can customize the faucet according to your needs and requirements. This will reflect the number of holes that you would need for installation.


  • You can customize this faucet according to your needs


  • It requires several holes for installation


9. Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Explaining how a Touchless Kitchen Faucet Works

This is a comparatively newer style of the faucet which employs sensors to start the water flow. They are often known as the hands-free faucets as well.

Some models also include a handle which is why they are known as dual control faucets because you can use both the handle and the sensors to activate the faucet.

A few touchless kitchen faucets have sensors in more than one location which makes it more easy and convenient to turn the faucet on. These sensors are usually powered by a battery or an AC power plug.

You can save the water temperature setting using the handle and it will presume the same setting the next time you turn on the faucet, preventing any unpleasant surprises.


  • Due to the sensor activation, the faucets remain clean and germ-free
  • You can set the water temperature with the single handle
  • They are available in the pull-down, pull-out spout, and other designs
  • A few models automatically shut-off after a few minutes to save water


  • Sensors can cause an issue with activation or deactivation
  • You will have operation cost to bear due to the electricity/battery source used in these faucets
  • They are more expensive due to the advanced technology used in it
  • If there is no automatic shut-off feature, the water wastage is high


10. Touch On Kitchen Faucet

Touch On Kitchen Faucet Example

One of the newer types of faucet in the market, Touch On Kitchen Faucet makes it easy to turn on/off the faucet when your hands are messy too.

All you need to do is touch the faucet spout or the handle to turn on your faucet and voila! Your faucet will be pouring water into the sink. You can use your wrist, forearm, etc. to activate the water flow.

The temperature can be set with the help of the single handle which can be done before you start with the kitchen tasks.

Some models also feature an LED light which lets you know the water temperature and prevents any surprises.

This type of kitchen faucet is perfect for people who tend to multitask in the kitchen and often don’t have their hands free to control the kitchen faucet.


  • You can turn on/off the faucet with a simple touch
  • This faucet allows you to multitask in the kitchen
  • It protects the faucet from getting dirty if your hands are dirty
  • The color indicator displays the water temperature to avoid surprises


  • If the battery gets damaged, the touch feature will stop working


11. Bridge Kitchen Faucet

Bridge Kitchen Faucet Explained

This type of kitchen faucet features a traditional design and is perfect for period kitchen designs. The design might not suit all customers but some customers will find it grand and elegant.

It comes in both double-hole and 3-hole configuration and has separate lines for both hot and cold water.

However, unlike the other faucets, the hot and cold lines connect in a vertical length, aka bridge, and the spout extends up from this bridge.


  • Unique design which fits well with traditional and period kitchen designs
  • It is a two-handle faucet so it’s easier to manage the water temperature and flow
  • Works well with top-mount and under-mount kitchen sinks


  • It isn’t as easy or convenient to use as a single-handle faucet
  • It doesn’t work well with modern kitchen designs
  • Higher possibility of being scalded when hot water is turned on


12. Two-Handle Single-Hole Kitchen Faucet

Image of a Two-Handle Single-Hole Kitchen Faucet

This is a technical faucet design type that will suit the needs of the homeowners who have only one sinkhole for installation but want the convenience of two handles for managing water flow and temperature.

It has two handles for managing hot and cold water and these handles are directly attached to the spout. So, you don’t need to install them as separate pieces.

With this kitchen faucet, you can enjoy advanced water control settings without a complicated installation process. You can check out the whole installation process here.


  • It requires one hole for installation
  • It offers apparatus handles for managing cold and hot water


  • It would require a complete replacement if one handles stops working.
  • It can be costly to replace it.



There are many different styles of faucets that you will come across while shopping for your kitchen. So, you need to consider all the factors and features before you make a choice.

At the end of the day, only you know what kind of faucet you are looking for. So, make sure you learn about all the pros and cons before you choose a product for yourself.