Many people confuse an immersion blender and hand mixer to be the same appliance so in this article, we look to clear out this myth.

Don’t worry, it is nothing to be ashamed of. People often mistake an immersion blender for a hand mixer and vice versa because both of them resemble each other a lot.

However, it is important that you understand the difference between the two kitchen equipment so that you don’t end up with the wrong kitchen tool for yourself.

A lot of people go to the stores in search of a hand mixer but come back with an immersion blender because they weren’t clear about both the tools.

Well, don’t worry because, in this article, we will cover both of these tools and help you in differentiating them so that you can choose the correct kitchen equipment for yourself.


What is an Immersion Blender?

An immersion blender is a blender for smoothies and soups. It is basically a stick that is covered with blender blades at the end and is extremely simple and easy to use.

Immersion Blender

This blender type differs from a standard blender because usually, you pour the liquid into the blender in order to mix it well. However, in case of an immersion blender, you insert the blender into a container to mix the liquids together.

So, you move the immersion blender throughout the liquid so that it is consistently blended. An immersion blender is also popularly known as a hand blender or a stick blender and doesn’t occupy a lot of space in your kitchen.

It is particularly useful when you have to blend a large amount of pureed soup or other liquids that cannot fit inside a normal blender container and would require a big utensil in order to hold it all together.

If you don’t use an immersion blender in such a situation then you would end up blending your food products in multiple batches which can seriously affect the taste of your soup or your drinks.

However, with an immersion blender, you just need to pour all your ingredients and liquid in a large container and then immerse the blender inside it to blend all the components together. Sounds extremely convenient, right?

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a good immersion blender is that make sure it is powerful enough to blend all kinds of food items like cooked meats, vegetables, fruits, etc. You will also find that a few home immersion blenders can also be used for making smoothies, juices, and drinks.

What is a Hand Mixer?

A hand mixer is used to mix different foods together and is mostly used to whip and beat together ingredients for baking goods like cakes, cookies, etc. A hand mixer comes with a set of beaters and can often come in two types: manual hand mixer or electric hand mixer.

As the name suggests, a manual hand mixer won’t come with any motor and will come with a simple design where you will have a handle to hold the mixer and the end of the beaters which will be used to mix the ingredients together.

Manual Hand Mixer
Manual Hand Mixer

The consistency of the mixture will depend on your stamina and movement and you would have to beat the mixture for a long time if you are using a manual hand mixer.

On the other hand, an electric hand mixer is more convenient and easy to use and helps in saving a lot of time. It includes a motor and a gear that are responsible for moving the beaters when the hand mixer is turned on.

So, all you have to do is, get the ingredients together in a mixing bowl and turn on your electric hand mixer by picking speed and then just immerse it in the container to mix your ingredients well. You don’t have to exert any manual force and just need to keep moving the hand mixer slowly so that the beaters and the motor can take of mixing the ingredients together.

Electric Hand Mixer
Electric Hand Mixer

You can use different speed settings for mixing different ingredients and some electric hand mixers also include a few accessories to make the mixing process more versatile and fun. Also, with the help of an electric hand mixer, you get a consistent mixture throughout in a much quicker time.

Immersion Blender VS Hand Mixer

So, now that we understand the use of an immersion blender and a hand mixer, it’s time to learn the difference between the two.

After learning more about both of them you must have noticed a few obvious differences in their design and their usage but after reading this section, you will be certain about those differences and will know which the right tool for a particular job is.

What is the difference between the two?

As mentioned before, a blender is primarily used to turn foods into liquid and is most commonly used if you want to make shakes, smoothies, frozen drinks, etc. You can use a blender to make fresh sauces and purees or some simple lemonade.

On the other hand, a mixer is mostly used to combining different ingredients and might not necessarily turn them into liquid. So, you can use your mixer to prepare batter or dough but you can’t use it to make smoothies or shakes for yourself. A hand mixer is an essential item for a baker whereas a blender is an essential item for a bartender.

You can hold both the immersion blenders and hand mixers in your hand which makes them easy and convenient to use. It also makes them less powerful since they don’t come with a heavy motor but they offer more versatility to you. However, an immersion blender has blades attached to it while a hand mixer has beaters attached to it.

Beater Blades
Beater Blades

One of the best things about an immersion blender is that you can use it to smooth out your chunky soup without having to first transfer your hot soup from your cooking pot to your blender container.

However, it cannot be used to make lemonade with the help of a lemon and some ice. With the help of an immersion blender, you can prepare other recipes like soups, salsas, sauces, etc.

While a hand mixer can whisk your eggs together, it cannot help you in preparing the bread dough. You can usually use your hand mixer to prepare items like a waffle, pancake batter, cookies, whipped cream, and so on.

Are there any similarities between the two appliances?

As we have clearly established by now, a hand mixer and an immersion blender are two different kitchen tools but there are a few kitchen tasks that can be performed both by an immersion blender and a hand mixer.

You can easily beat eggs for making egg dishes using both the immersion blender and the hand mixer. Although an immersion blender makes the eggs fluffier, don’t purchase an immersion blender just to beat your eggs.

You can also whip cream and eggs both with your immersion blender and hand mixer and while a hand mixer will obviously do a better job, there is no reason to purchase it if you already own an immersion blender.


It is important that you understand your needs and then purchase an appropriate kitchen tool for yourself. Don’t buy an immersion blender if you actually need a hand mixer and don’t purchase both the tools if you can make it work with the currently owned one. Be smart about buying your kitchen tools and buy only what is necessary.

I hope our article could clear out some things for you and provide you with enough information to make the right choice. So, go ahead and buy the immersion blender or hand mixer, whichever serves your purpose more.