20 Must have Tools to Kick-Start your Baking Adventure

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Have you recently started baking? Or want to enhance your baking skills further? Here are 20 tools you need to kick-start your baking adventure.

If yes, then you need to have the proper baking tools and equipment to move forward. An important thing to note about baking is that it is mostly science and a precision art so you have to be extremely careful while mixing your ingredients and never screw up the measurement of your ingredients.

A lot of newbie bakers think that measuring the ingredients and following the recipe is an old concept but if you want to become a successful baker then you need to follow the recipe, word by word, at the start.

Once you have gained enough knowledge and experience, you can experiment a little and probably try changing the quantity of the ingredient but until you understand the baking basics, it is important that you stick to the provided recipe. However, how do you stick to your baking recipe?

Well, by getting the proper baking tools for yourself. For a beginner or an experienced baker, baking tools are essential and one cannot hope to progress without purchasing the essential baking tools. In this article, we will introduce to some of these baking tools that you definitely need to own when you are just starting out as a baker.

Stand Mixer

An essential baking tool for any aspiring baker is the stand mixer. Why a stand mixer, you ask? Well, because a stand mixer can perform most kitchen tasks for you with great ease while keeping you free to cover other cooking tasks.

Stand Mixer

A stand mixer performs a variety of tasks like chopping vegetables and fruits, mixing ingredients, preparing bread dough, mixing cake batter, juicing fruits and vegetables, and so on. It will be used several times a day to perform the most basic kitchen tasks and will offer you a chance to multitask.

So, while your stand mixer prepares your food mixture for you, you can spend some quality time with your family and friends or you can work on other important household tasks.

If you purchase the best stand mixer it’s most likely to feature a powerful motor and many attachments then you will find baking much easier and simpler. Trust me, a stand mixer like that is the first step towards falling in love with baking.


I am sure I don’t have to explain the importance of an oven in baking, it is the powerhouse of most of your baked cakes, cookies, etc. While a lot of people often use a cooker or some other alternative to bake cakes, we all know that nothing can beat a fresh oven-baked cake or cookies.


There are many desserts like chocolate, confections, etc. which don’t require you to use an oven but most cakes, muffins, rolls, etc. require the use of an oven. So, you can purchase a regular sized convection oven or a mini-sized oven, it is up to you but make sure that you buy an oven for yourself.

One important thing to remember about ovens is that not all ovens work in a similar way so you will first need to understand your oven and experiment a little before you can actually use it efficiently. Our list of the top convection microwave ovens should help you find one not just for everyday cakes and cookies but other complicated baked goods as well.

Baking Pans

Another important baking tool that all beginner bakers need is baking pans or cake pans. You will find these baking pans in different shapes and sizes and will also have a choice of the material used for their construction. There will be silicon, aluminum, glass, steel, non-stick coating, etc. so make sure you choose a durable and stable baking pan for yourself.

Baking Pan

You can start with glass rectangular baking pans as they are easy to use and give you a homemade cake feeling but if you want to decorate your cake and learn to make an icing cake, then you can invest in a round pan. Make sure that you buy a heavy-duty pan with the appropriate size.

A lot of recipes call for a precise baking pan and if you don’t use it, then you have to tamper a little with the baking time and temperature which can offer end up in a disaster.

So, make sure you have basic size pan in different shapes at the start and then slowly you can add on different sized baking pans. Also, try to choose a silicone pan if you can afford it as they are easy to maintain and carry and don’t take up a lot of space too.

Oven Thermometer

This is yet another essential baking tool that every baker should own, regardless if they are a beginner or an experienced baker.

Oven Thermometer

As we mentioned above, each oven works differently which is why understanding the features and limitations of your oven is extremely important. If you are unable to set the correct temperature for your oven then you would either end up over baking or under baking your baked goodies.

A lot of us also open the oven door frequently to check up on the cakes, cookies, etc. which can drop the oven temperature and ends up in increasing the overall baking time.

An oven thermometer will display the accurate temperature to you which will help you in ensuring that you don’t take out your baked goods from the oven too soon or too late. You will also be able to notice if there is any temperature fluctuation and will be able to adjust the oven settings accordingly.

Mixing Bowl

You also need different size metal mixing bowls which can be used for the numerous baking tasks. You will need a mixing bowl to whisk your eggs or mix your ingredients together or prepare your cake batter so it is always better to get multiple mixing bowls.

Mixing Bowl

Try to get mixing bowls in different sizes and shapes so that you won’t be stranded in the middle of a recipe and try to go for no-slip bottoms so that you don’t have to worry about spilling contents from the bowl when mixing ingredients together.

Cooling Rack

Another crucial baking tool that every baker needs to have is cooling racks where he will be able to cool his cookies, cakes, muffins, etc. so that they can be decorated later on. Cooling is an essential part of baking and a cooling rack can help you efficiently in this process which is why you should have at least 3-4 cooling racks at home.

Cooling Rack

If you don’t cool your baked items on a wired rack then there are chances that your cake, cookies, etc. might become a little soggy and soft from the middle which will definitely ruin its taste.

You will find various options in the cooling rack so choose the one which fits your budget and will allow you to cool your baked goods quickly at the same time too. Apart from cooling baked food, they can also be used to collect the drips from glazed cakes and cookies or chicken nuggets by keeping it placed on a baking sheet.

Parchment Paper

Another baking equipment that every baker should have is parchment paper to take out your baked goods from the baking pan without any stickiness or messiness. A parchment paper is non-stick and makes it easier to clean your baking pan while allowing you to keep your muffins, cakes, etc. in a more organized form.

Parchment Paper

However, make sure that you don’t purchase a low-quality parchment paper as that would easily get burnt and invest in a good parchment paper which will work for at least a full baking cycle.

Parchment papers come real handy during the holiday season as you can prepare a large batch of cookies as you can pre-cut your sheets to resemble a design and then use the paper to keep your cookie and cake complete and whole to gift to your loved ones.

Weighing Scale

As we have repeated multiple times, baking is a science of precision which is why a food weighing scale is one of the most important baking tools which every baker should own. A lot of people think measuring ingredients in the measuring cups and spoons is enough but this is sadly untrue.

Food Scale

A lot of times these measuring cups and spoons can delude you into thinking that you have the right quantity of ingredient which is why a food scale is important to double check the ingredients before you start mixing it.

Trust me, one wrong quantity of ingredient will result in wasted efforts and time and will leave you with an off-tasting baked cake, cookies, etc. So, make sure you purchase a food scale, a digital food scale would be advised so that there are reduced chances of error while taking the ingredients.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

Since baking requires us to use a precise quantity of ingredients to successfully bake a recipe, we need to have proper measuring cups and spoons to do the job.

Measuring Spoons

A lot of people think that they can wing it with coffee mug or tablespoon but ask an experienced baker, they will tell you that a cup and spoon without measurements shouldn’t even be brought near the baking ingredients.

When you are purchasing the measuring cups and spoons, ensure that the measurements are clearly marked and the handles are long and sturdy.

This is important because you will be using this every day to measure your ingredients and you don’t want a weakly or inaccurately built measuring tool to screw up your recipe. Also, get different sized measuring cups and spoons so that you can work on different recipes.


This is definitely a must-have item for every baker. A spatula will not only help you in folding your batter into the baking pan but are also handy for decorating cakes, scraping the batter from sides, smoothing cake, frosting cupcakes, and so on. Since they have so many amazing uses, you will find different sized spatulas in the market.


Make sure that you buy all sizes spatula and always buy a spatula which won’t melt at high temperature and will be easy and convenient to use. Go for silicone spatulas as they can endure high temperature without melting.

Baking Sheets

If you want to cook cookies then you definitely need a baking sheet for yourself. Heavy Gauge baking sheets will not get warped or melt at high temperature and will distribute the heat consistently so that all your cookies are baked properly and completely.

Baking Sheets

There are different styles of baking sheets available as well so make sure you choose the right style for yourself. Try going for an edgeless baking sheet as they are easier to slide in the oven but make sure you get aluminum built baking sheets as they are durable, strong and will last for a long time.

Pyrex Measuring Cups

While the metal measuring cups and spoons will be effective in measuring the dry ingredients, you need a pyrex measure cup to measure the liquid ingredients.

Pyrex Measuring Cups

In fact, you can use the pyrex measuring cups not only for measuring liquid ingredients but also to melt butter in the microwave, mix pancake batter, and so on.

Also, since they are generally unbreakable, you don’t have to worry about your liquid ingredients leaking or getting wasted.


This is the most inexpensive tool in your kitchen which will be the most used baking tool as well. A huge whisk is the perfect tool to blend large quantities of liquid ingredients and is a great alternative sifter for dry ingredients as well.


It can also be used to fold the sugar carefully and gently into the beaten eggs to ensure that their fluffiness is not affected. Smaller whisks can be used to beat the eggs or whip cream and comes really handy in small mixing tasks. So, make sure that you have differently sized whisks at home to perform the various baking tasks.

Pastry Brush

Another handy baking tool that all bakers should own is a pastry brush which helps in applying egg wash on the surface of your baked goods or moisturize your cakes with syrup glazing to add more flavor to your desserts. Most pastry brushes are made out of silicone and also help in applying oil or butter to your desserts without causing too many spills or mess.

Pastry Brush

Apart from silicone brushes, pastry brushes are also made with nylon and unbleached hog bristles which can further help in brushing up your cake and muffins. A silicone pastry brush can be used at most temperatures and is also easier to maintain so if you can buy only one pastry brush, then invest in a silicone pastry brush.

Muffin Tin

Another essential baking item that every baker should own is a muffin tin which can be used to prepare your muffins. You cannot use a baking sheet or a baking pan unless you want your muffins to form shapeless which is why a properly shaped muffin tin is extremely necessary.

Muffin Tin

There are several designs and sizes available in a muffin tin so you can choose from a 6-cup standard muffin tin or a 12-cup big muffin tin for frequent use.


Let’s face it, we all think that we will remember to take out the cake or cookies on time but we often get busy or distracted and forget to take out our baked good on the right time.

Digital TImer

A lot of ovens come with a built-in timer which helps in resolving this issue but there are a still a few microwaves or ovens which don’t come with a timer so you need to buy a separate timer to keep track of your cookies, cakes, etc.

So, if you don’t want your effort to go waste by getting burnt then you need to get a kitchen timer to ensure that you take out the cakes/cookies at the right time. If you don’t want to buy a separate timer then you can use your mobile phone or your iPad to set an automatic timer.

Electric Hand Mixer

Although a lot of people might be thinking what is the purpose of an electric hand mixer when you already have a big stand mixer.

Electric Hand Mixer
Electric Hand Mixer

Well, an electric hand mixer is probably the best tool to start baking. We all know that stand mixers are usually expensive and not all of us can afford to buy it during your initial baking days, this is where an electric hand mixer comes really handy.

The best hand mixers will be able to mix your ingredients well and can be used for preparing the batter, whisking eggs, and so on. So, if you want a quick, efficient and easy way to prepare batter without a stand mixer then an electric hand mixer is the perfect baking tool to buy.

Rolling Pin

Any baking kitchen is incomplete without a rolling pin. Many experienced bakers have more than 3 rolling pins in their kitchen because they understand the importance of different sized rolling pins and how essential it is for baking.

Rolling Pin for Baking

A rolling pin is often used to flatten the cookie dough, create sugar paste, create pizza dough, and so on. It is important that you buy a rolling pin which will cover the entire width of your dough or your batter and will be useful for both cakes and cookies.

Palette Knife

Ever wondered how pastry chefs smooth the icing on their cakes or level the ingredients? Well, they use none other than the long, thin palette knife.

Palate Knife

It comes with a roundish edge and is one of the best tools to spread the ingredients evenly, scrape the cake, level the icing, and so on. The palette knife is the best way to add frosting to your cakes and cupcakes and is a must-have baking tool for anyone who wants to make pastries and cupcakes.

If you aren’t looking to prepare pastries or cupcakes then you can skip this baking tool for now.


Last, but not the least, a sifter is an essential baking tool which helps in making good quality cakes and plays a great role in aerating your flour and other dry ingredients.


A sifter helps in cleaning your dry ingredients and is mostly used to mix all your dry ingredients together lightly and effectively. A sifter has a crank which pushes the dry ingredients but usually, a sieve does a better job of aerating the dry ingredients.

So, if you have a sieve at home then you don’t need to purchase a sifter, you can simply use the existing sieve in your kitchen.

So, how many baking tools do you currently own? If you already have most of these baking tools at home then you are all prepared to start baking and experimenting with recipes. Most of the baking tools mentioned in this article are multifunctional and can be used for other kitchen tasks as well so it won’t be a useless investment at all. So, go and purchase the remaining baking tools and get started with your baking now!