What Makes Kraus KPF-2110 the Best Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet?

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Kraus KPF-2110 is one of the most highly-rated kitchen faucets mainly due to its pullout design but that isn’t all. Find out more about it here.


A carefully designed faucet to ensure convenience and consumer safety, Kraus KPF 2110 has each of its components carefully selected and curated. This faucet is built using materials which will provide you with a clean, and toxic-free water supply while being extremely durable and stable. Kraus KPF-2110 - Best Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

Apart from its long-lasting design, the appearance and the style of the faucet is selected after careful consideration too. It comes with a stainless steel finish and modern, sleek design which works great with all kinds of kitchen décor.

Plus, the neutral color of the faucet allows it to match with all kinds of kitchen themes and styles, especially the contemporary ones.

However, that’s not all. You have this faucet available in different finishes too so you can choose the one which suits best your taste and will match your kitchen effectively. It includes a single handle lever which makes the faucet easy to operate when your one hand is preoccupied. As a result, it complies with ADA standards and is a good choice for people who face mobility issues or tend to multitask in the kitchen a lot.

Although the pull-out spout is slightly heavy, it only shows that this faucet is not likely to get damaged so easily and can easily last 10 years if used carefully.


In terms of performance, there is no doubt that KPF 2110 is indeed the best pull-out faucet in the market. It is extremely easy to use so, users won’t take a long time to get a hang of it. The single hand lever is used to switch between hot and cold water so, you can perform this feat with one hand too while the water flow can be managed through a rubber button on the lever.

It also makes the use of a ceramic cartridge in its construction so, there are fewer chances of leaks and drips from the faucet. As the faucet is built using lead-free brass, you can be sure that the water received from the faucet spout is fresh, clean, and protected from toxins.

The high-quality materials used in KPF 2110 is resistant to wear and tear so the faucet will easily perform brilliantly for years to come. As this faucet is protected from leaks and drips, you don’t have to worry about damaged flooring, walls, countertops, etc. too.

There is no need for regular maintenance with this faucet model and you are not likely to face any performance issues too because of its sturdy design. This is why KPF 2110 is one of the best pull-out faucets to be installed in a kitchen.


Kraus is known for its highly durable plumbing products with advanced functionalities which is why you can be sure that their faucets will be of super quality. They offer a limited lifetime warranty for their faucets which shows how confident they are about their products’ quality and convenience. Each of their faucets is subjected to an intense testing procedure to ensure that all the products meet their company’s high standards.

With this faucet, you get not only quality workmanship but the superior design and high-quality materials too. This is why it is the best faucet on the market. Kraus is a highly reputed brand so you can never go wrong with their faucets.

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Apart from an amazing design and quality build, Kraus KPF 2110 is built in such a way that it is extremely convenient and easy to use. It includes a dual functionality water aerator and a spray head that helps in managing the water flow quite efficiently. You can easily adjust the water temperature using the single handle lever while the button on the spray head allows you to toggle between a stream and spray mode.

The sprayer is easy to pull out and retracts back into place when not in use due to the secure docking system used in the faucet. This docking system uses a counterweight which ensures that the spray head stays in place when not being used. Since it features a single handle lever, operating this faucet is easy along with managing the water flow.

Also, the rubberized nozzle ensures that there are no mineral deposits, making it easier to clean the faucet in just a few minutes. Since the materials used to build this material are resistant to rust or corrosion, you would have an easy time to keep your faucet clean and looking as good as new. This means that it doesn’t require frequent maintenance too.

Since the spout can swivel 120-degrees, you can access your sink more easily. They are supremely easy to install and mount too as it comes with easy-to-understand instructions along with all the required hardware.


  • Includes dual function spray head for switching between the water spray modes
  • Easy to adjust the water temperature
  • High-quality build which makes it durable and long lasting
  • Available in different finishes and styles to match different kitchen themes
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion so easier cleaning
  • Easy to install
  • 120-degrees swivel covers a lot of sink area


  •  Lags when you switch between the two water modes


The Kraus KPF 2110 is a highly equipped faucet which is convenient to use and saves a lot of it. Its durability and premium material build ensures that you don’t face any issues due to leakages, maintenance, etc. while getting a steady flow of clean and healthy water supply.

If you want a reliable and high performing pull-out kitchen faucet along with several useful features then KPF 2110 is the faucet for you. Trust me, you are going to love this faucet for its versatility and convenience.