How to Extend the Life of Your Faucets

Most faucets come with a promise of long life. However in order to have years of uneventful service, you need to keep a regular check at the functioning of your faucet.


Watch out for leaks

A leaking faucet should be given prompt attention or else the moisture it releases could corrode the faucet body and also damage other fixtures in addition to affecting your water bills! If noticed well in time these leaks can be fixed using a simple repair.

Install water conditioning systems

If you’re living in an area with hard water supply, your faucet will quickly show lime and minerals buildup. If left unattended, it will not only ruin the looks of your faucet but also lead to clogged drains. It is advisable to use water softeners which condition water by removing unwanted minerals.

Regularly clean the aerator

Hard water deposits in the aerator filter can lower the water pressure and also internally damage your faucet in the long run. Most kitchen faucet aerators come off easily. Soaking in vinegar solution overnight will easily help remove thick deposits. You can also replace your aerator with a new one once in a while as they are inexpensive and readily available.

Be warranty wise

Most quality faucets come with a limited or lifetime warranty. Brands like Moen and Kohler offer a lifetime warranty and readily ship replacement parts, free of cost in case you face any issues. This will prevent you from investing in cheap replacements and ensure the quality of your faucet. Replacing faucet parts at the right time will really add to the life of your faucet.

Have Routine Inspections

It is ideal to have a certified plumber crosscheck the configuration of your kitchen at regular intervals. A professional can quickly spot hidden problems like leaks, clogged drains, corrosion, etc. and save you a lot on trouble in future.

It is always beneficial to keep a repair kit handy at home so that you can do minor maintenance work such as replacement of washers and valves, etc. on your own in case of regular wear and tear.

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