Chest vs Upright Freezer: What Freezer Type Should I Buy?

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Are you looking for an efficient freezer to store your perishable home/store items? Here’s everything you need to know about the various freezer types.

Previously people used to store their food items in a refrigerator but a refrigerator doesn’t have enough space to store all your frozen items in a freezer. This is why a freezer has become an important addition to most businesses and households.

However, a question that always stays on everyone’s mind is ‘Which freezer would be better suited for their use?’ We know that choosing a freezer can be hard since most people know next to nothing about its functioning which is why we have prepared this article.

In this article, we will discuss the two popular freezer styles which are more commonly used by people and will compare the freezer styles so that you can make the best choice for yourself.

Do You Really Need a Freezer?

A freezer is a modern invention that has become the most commonly used method to store a large quantity of food and meat at home. Nowadays, every house owns at least one freezer which is used for storing baking items, frozen food products, meat, seasonal fruits, etc. to keep them protected from mold, bacteria, and staleness.


A freezer makes it easy for people to shop less frequently by buying and storing large quantities of food items to save both money and time. A standalone freezer is certainly a profitable investment in comparison to a refrigerator with a large freezer section as it can hold more items and can keep them fresh and protected from rot for a longer period of time.

A freezer comes particularly handy if you have a large family or if you have set up a new bakery/restaurant somewhere. It is also particularly useful if your area experiences an extreme winter season.

With the help of the freezer, you can store a huge quantity of food items that can be used to feed your family for at least a week or two if you have a big family where lavish meals are served.

If you are setting up a bakery or a restaurant then you will again need a freezer to store your ingredients and food stock which will save you a lot of money and will help you in producing fresh baked goods and food items every day.

Apart from this, the freezer comes particularly handy during long cold winter months as you can stock up food beforehand in your freezer and then reduce the outings during winter months to feed yourself and your family.

There are several types of freezers available in the market, each with its own merits and disadvantages and are perfect for different situations. So make sure that you check out all the features of a freezer before purchasing it for yourself.

Chest Vs. Upright Freezers

As we mentioned before, a Chest freezer and an Upright freezer are the most commonly used freezers in homes. However, which one is a better option?

In this section, we will be comparing both these freezer styles on the basis of a few basic features and functions so that you can choose the best-suited freezer style for yourself.

What’s More Cost Effective 

Chest Freezers are the cheapest freezers on the market and its price depends directly on its capacity. So, if you purchase a smaller chest freezer then you will pay a reasonably lower price while a large capacity chest freezer will surely cost more. However, the cost of operating a chest freezer is comparatively less than an upright freezer as it takes less energy and usually doesn’t come with an auto-defrost option.

An upright freezer is expensive in comparison to a chest freezer and also has a high operational cost due to its auto-defrost and other fancy features. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly freezer then a chest freezer would be the right choice for you.

Storage Space available

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a freezer is the amount of space that it will take up in your house and if you have sufficient space to store it conveniently. An upright freezer takes up a lot of space and requires a location where the overhead space is free.

So, if you have such a location then you can go ahead with an upright freezer. If not, then a chest freezer will be a better choice as it doesn’t require overhead space for storage.

Chest Freezer Storage Space

Which Freezer is energy efficient?

If you consider the energy consumption and wastage then an Upright freezer wastes more energy in comparison to a chest freezer. A chest freezer comes with a manual defrost option so it takes less energy, unlike an upright freezer which usually comes with an auto self-defrost option which ends up consuming a lot of energy.

Another thing to note is that a chest freezer comes with built-in wall insulation so it can maintain a freezing temperature without consuming a lot of energy. In fact, the chest freezers are so efficient that they keep the foods frozen for 2-3 days when there is a power outage or when you are transporting your freezer to another place. All you need to ensure is that the chest freezer’s lid should be tightly shut and you can keep the food fresh and protected without a power outlet.

So, if you are looking for a freezer that will conserve energy then the chest freezer would be the perfect choice for you.

Which freezer is easy to install?

Due to the width of the chest freezer, it will require more storage space than an upright freezer and will also need sufficient headroom space for easy access.

Another thing to keep in mind for the installation of a chest freezer is that the location of your freezer should be easy to reach. A lot of chest freezers are wide and don’t fit inside a door easily so look for a location that would easily fit your freezer, like a garage or a house basement.

In comparison to a chest freezer, an upright freezer is easier to install as it doesn’t take up as much space as a chest freezer and doesn’t require headroom too. However, you will still need a location to store your upright freezer which will be easy to reach and where you can easily move your freezer.

Also, keep in mind that the door of your upright freezer should have enough space to open and your freezer shouldn’t be placed immediately near a door as it will make it inconvenient to use.

How to Install a Chest Freezer


Which freezer allows bulk storage?

A chest freezer is known to have more capacity than an upright freezer. You will find that an upright freezer usually has a capacity of 20 cubic feet or less while an upright freezer has a capacity of at least 25 cubic feet.

This is because you can stack food items on top of each other in a chest freezer which helps in saving a lot of space while the same cannot be done with an upright freezer. If you do try this with an upright freezer then you would end up worrying about the food that will fall out of your freezer the moment you open the door.

Another thing to keep in mind is that an upright freezer includes shelves that reduce the capacity of the freezer although it does make your freezer more organized and easily accessible.

What’s more convenient?

When looking for convenience, both chest and upright freezers have a few features that can make them using quite convenient and simple for the users.

A chest freezer usually includes a wire basket that can be used to store your vegetables, fruits, etc. and allows you to segregate your food items into a more organized freezer. On the other hand, you need to bend and search a lot when looking for frozen food as they are stacked on top of each other. However, due to their chest design, they can easily accommodate bulky food items and large items more easily in comparison to an upright freezer.

Chest Freezer storage basket

A few chest freezer models also come with a bottom drawer which can be easily accessed from the outside of the freezer. Although remember that this additional feature reduces the capacity of the chest freezer so it might not be a good idea after all.

An upright freezer features shelves which makes it easier to organize the food content and since it doesn’t have a top lid, it is easier to search and monitor your foods in comparison to a chest freezer. A few models also come with removable shelves, baskets, doors, etc. which makes it easier to store your content and provides easier access to your frozen foods.

Upright Freezer

However, you cannot store large and bulky items in your upright freezer and you cannot stack your foods together as you can do in a chest freezer.

Which Freezer Style is Better – a Chest or an Upright Freezer?

After comparing both the freezer styles, it is evident that an upright freezer fares better than a chest freezer but only if you can manage the high purchase and operational cost. An upright freezer will allow you to store your food contents in an organized manner and will allow you easy access to the frozen food without bending or searching. It will also fit easily into your home and will offer you the convenience that a chest freezer simply cannot provide.

However, if you want an economical freezer that will keep your energy costs in check then a chest freezer would be the better choice. It will allow you to store large and bulky items and will offer you more capacity at a cheaper price.

Ultimately, the best freezer style actually depends on your lifestyle and your needs. If you want to store your everyday frozen foods then an upright freezer will be a better choice. On the other hand, if you want to store seasonal foods or meats then a chest freezer will work better. So, determine your requirements and needs and choose the best-suited freezer style for yourself.