A gun is a dangerous weapon to keep at home which is why one must exert caution when using it or storing it at home. If your gun falls into the wrong hands, it could be detrimental to you and your family.

A lot of people get a gun license so that they can defend themselves and their loved ones in the case of an attack but a lot of times this plan backfires because the gun is not kept in a secure location.

This is why people often install gun safes at their home so that they can keep their gun protected and can enjoy a peaceful and sound sleep every night. However, buying a gun safe has both pros and cons which every gun owner should know about before purchasing it.

In this article, we will inform you 10 good reasons for owning a gun safe and 5 reasons to not purchase a gun safe so that you can get a better idea about it and can make the right choice for yourself.

10 Reasons you need a Gun Safe

Keep your Gun Protected

One of the most important reasons to own a gun safe is to control the access to your weapon and ensure that it is only handled by the right people.

Gun safes first and foremost protect your valuables and weaponry from burglars and other criminals who might try to rob you or steal from you. Apart from them, you also need to think about the people at home who shouldn’t have access to your gun including children, friends, visitors, strangers, etc.

So, you need to purchase a gun safe depending on the people from whom you are trying to protect your gun. If you get a glass-front gun safe then burglars are more likely to break the glass in order to get hold of it. On the other hand, a combination lock gun safe could be easily cracked by your children if they try every day for just a few minutes.

Protection from Burglars

Guns are quite expensive and any customizations performed on them further increases their value which is why it is important that you protect them from burglars at all cost.

A gun safe will help you in keeping your guns out of the burglars’ sight and will make it hard for them to access quickly which gives you more time to get them caught or prevent your weapons from being stolen.

This is why it is important that you purchase a high-quality gun safe which will be extremely hard to crack and won’t easily break making it tough for thieves to steal it from you.

Protection from fire and flooding

As we already discussed, firearms are expensive and cannot be replaced easily which is why it is important that you keep them safe in case of an accidental fire or flood.

If you store your guns in a gun safe which also offers fire and flood protection then you don’t have to worry about your valuables or weaponry getting damaged in case of accidental fires or floods.

A lot of gun safes offer you protection up to 1800 degrees Celsius for at least an hour which is enough time for the firemen to extinguish the fire at your home and save your valuables from getting irrevocably damaged.

Keep it Away from Children

Let’s face it, none of us want our innocent children anyway near the gun because we are scared of the accidents that might happen.

This is not an unjust worry. A lot of children get injured or killed every year due to improperly stored guns that are available at home. Owning a gun safe will restrict your children from having access to your weapons and will reduce the chances of accidental injuries.

Also, always make sure that the gun safe is hidden from your children and don’t store a loaded gun in your gun safe. So, even if accidentally your children are able to crack open your safe they won’t be able to accidentally harm each other.

Child with gun access

Child Access Prevention Law

Since the year of 1989, several states in the USA have made laws to ensure that children don’t have access to guns and one such law is the Child Access Prevention Law. According to this law, the licensed weapons need to be locked up in a safe and secure location where no children would have access to it.

This applies to everyone, regardless of whether you have children at home or not. Different states have different penalties for breaking this law and may also face criminal charges for improper storage whether any child gained access to the gun or not.

So, you need to purchase a gun safe in order to follow the law and protect yourself from any criminal charges that you might face due to negligence.

Firearm Locking Device Law

Another law which is implemented in many states is the Firearm Locking Device Law which mandates the use of a safe location to keep your gun stored and locked, regardless of whether you have children or not.

So, you need to purchase a gun safe and a locking device once you buy a gun and then store it securely so that no one can access it. A lot of places also have some fixed standards for a gun safe so that it can be marked as secure, so check these standards and then purchase a gun safe with the mentioned features in order to comply with the law.

Protection from Lawyers

Another popular reason for owning a gun safe is to protect yourself from lawyers when legal circumstances arise and in case of insurance claims.

If you are claiming insurance for your stolen gun then showing that you kept it safe and locked it properly in a gun safe helps in building your case and will protect you from a lawsuit that lawyers might think about filing against you.

In some cases, if your gun gets stolen and then used in a crime like a robbery or murder then lawyers can file a lawsuit against you due to the negligence of proper storage.

In such situations, your gun safe and locking device will prove that you took necessary steps to keep your gun away from the wrong hands but the burglars were prepared and managed to break your weapon out of your safe. So, this way you get your insurance and you stay safe from lawsuits too.

Quick Access to Gun

We all know that keeping a gun at home is to ensure that we have a means to defend ourselves quickly in case of a break-in or an attempted murder which is why it is important that you have quick access to your gun. A lot of companies make both large and small gun safes which are quick to open when needed but keep your weapons safe and secure the rest of the time.

A gun safe will help you in keeping your gun safe while at the same time will provide you quick access to your firearms when needed.

For Tax Deduction

Another great reason to purchase a gun safe is to get a tax credit and save yourself a few bucks. Many states offer you with a tax credit only if you purchase a gun safe so this could be a great way to get your tax deducted at the time of the purchase.

A few states also have some conditions on this tax credit offer and urge the users to purchase a gun safe which follows the UL 1037 Residential Security Container standards so always check before purchasing a gun safe.

Avail Insurance Discount

Another popular reason to purchase a gun safe is to get a discount on your gun insurance. A lot of insurance officers give you a discount if you own a gun safe which has fire-rating and other security features to keep your guns protected and undamaged.

Although, make sure that you always check the requirements before you purchase a gun safe because most insurance deals require you to get a highly-secured gun safe with a few prescribed features to look into.

Don’t purchase a gun safe which won’t provide you with the required security and won’t help you in getting an insurance discount as you will end up spending a lot of money on it.

5 Reasons you can do without a Gun Safe

So, now that we know a few reasons compelling enough to purchase a gun safe, let’s take a look at a few reasons as to why we should purchase a gun safe.

Gun Safes are Expensive

A common reason for not purchasing a gun safe is that they tend to be quite expensive. So, if you are looking for an affordable way to protect your gun, then a gun safe is not the best way to go about it. A lot of us don’t earn enough to be able to invest in a gun safe as we have to take care of other household necessities.

Also, a gun safe only protects your gun and doesn’t provide with any other use and can end up costing $500 which certainly seems like a lot, especially when you consider the fact that gun safes don’t always protect ultimate protection to your firearms.

If you plan to purchase a cheap gun safe then it is better to not buy at all, as a cheap gun safe won’t be able to offer any protection to your firearms.

Gun Safes don’t offer Ultimate Protection

A lot of people think that owning a gun safe will offer them the ultimate protection from burglary and violence but this is not true.

Yes, a good, high-quality gun safe will surely keep your firearms safe and secure but if you don’t take necessary steps to hide it then it won’t be able to provide you any protection really.

Also, most gun safes are easy to crack or break and only require some time before they can be opened by a few tools. So, never assume that your gun is entirely safe and don’t broadcast owning a gun safe as this gives strangers a chance to come up with tools to break your safe open and steal your firearms.

Gun Safes are difficult to Hide

A lot of gun safes come in an attractive color and design which would make you feel like putting it on a display but that defeats the purpose of keeping your gun protected.

Although a gun safe will keep your gun safe and secure, it won’t be of much use if everyone can see it and knows about it. It is not impossible to break open a gun safe, especially if you have enough time to learn about it.

This is why gun safes need to be placed in a hidden location where no one can come across it accidentally. This can be problematic as usually, homes don’t have a hidden corner to keep your gun safe out of everyone’s sight.

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Difficult to Move

We all know that gun safes are humongous and heavy and they need to be if they are to effectively protect your firearms. However, moving such a heavy gun safe can be challenging and requires quite a lot of manpower which is not easy to come by.

As we already know the location of your gun safe is important in order to ensure complete safety of your firearms. If you have a small and light gun safe then it will be easy for you to install and move it but it won’t offer you a high level of protection.

On the other hand, a huge and heavy gun safe will be difficult to carry on the stairs and through different rooms and you will need to hire special delivery services for the same. So, moving your heavy gun safe will take a lot of time and will cost a lot to you.

Restricted Access to Gun

Finally, one of the top reasons to not purchase a gun safe is that it prohibits your access to the gun in urgent situations.

Imagine that you have placed your gun safe in the corner of your bedroom. In such a situation, it will become difficult to access the gun safe which will make it difficult to get your gun out or put it back in its place.

Also, if you use a dial combination lock gun safe then it would take you an additional 20 seconds to access your gun safe and you would need proper lighting to do that.