Lobster with Truffles: The Special Occasion Recipe

Looking for an easy to make yet yummy recipe to kick-start your family gathering? The Lobster With Truffle dish will leave the guests licking their plates.

Special Occasions call for special people and while I’m sure you’ve picked out the best dress, decided on the drinks you’ll be serving, there’s nothing that says ‘I Love you’ to your near and dear ones like good, yummy food. So I dug deep into my recipe book and came up with an absolute classic, Lobster with Truffles.

When it comes to seafood lobster for me is always the go-to food and makes for the perfect ingredient to kick-start any occasion. It’s easy to cook and when served with the shell it adds to the theatrics of the dish (yup, we’re going to serve this one with the shell intact so don’t get cracking just yet). Here’s everything you need to do to get it right.

Lobster With Truffle

Lobster with Truffles

Serves: 6
Prep Time: 20 mins


  • 2 Lobsters each weighing around 0.5kg/ 1 lbs
  • 1 Small can truffles
  • 1 Orange
  • Parsley Spring
  • 1 Hard boiled egg
  • 1 Tbsp Mayonnaise

How to Prep:

Cooking the Lobster:

First and foremost it’s important to cook the lobster right, Overcook it and it will have an unpleasant rubbery texture.

Step 1: To get it right, add 2-3 inches of water in a pot and let it come to the boil. Add a collapsible steamer, place the lobsters on top and cover the pot. Let it steam for about 10 minutes only.

Prep the Dish:

Step 1: Cut each steamed lobster in half down the middle joint mark and then near the head and the tail. Get rid of the claws.

Step 2: Crack open the claws using the flat side of the knife until they split and then shell them.

Step 3: Clean up the lobster by removing by removing the gut from the inside, the dark looking thread that can be pulled out using tongs or the tip of the knife.

Step 4: Cut the meat from the tail end into slices.

Step 5:  Slice the truffles thinly and lay them on the top of the lobster shell alternatively with the sliced tail meat.

Step 6: Next up, cut the orange in half and place each of them on either side of a large serving dish with the body placed in the center and claws beside it.

Step 7:  Cut the hard-boiled egg in half, remove the yolk and mix it with the mayonnaise which then needs to be piped back into the egg white and arranged on the serving dish (I’ll leave its arrangement to you, just make it look pretty).

Step 8:  Once done, garnish the dish with parsley and voila you have the starter all set to woo your guests.

This dish is best served with toast and butter, at least that’s how I and my mom loved serving it and yes don’t forget the glass of champagne 😉