Looking to buy a new cool mist humidifier? This buyer’s guide covers all the info you need to make the right pick.

A Cool Mist Humidifier is a gadget which is used to spray the air with a little cool water so that it becomes easier to breathe and relax. While nobody likes going out in a humid weather, sometimes the lack of humidity in your own house can be harmful to you and your family and can end up creating a lot of problems. It is especially important to have a good cool mist humidifier when you have a baby at home.

If the humidity levels in your house are too low then you might end up suffering from various troubles like a sore throat, difficulty in breathing, dry skin, itchy eyes, nose bleeds, sinus headaches, and so on. Dry air is bad for your health which is why you need to get a good cool mist humidifier for your home to restore the moisture balance in your house, especially during dry climates and winter season.

In this guide, we will discuss the various important features and functions that you need to consider when selecting the perfect cool mist humidifier for yourself.

What is a Cool Mist Humidifier?

Cool Mist Humidifier is a popular type of humidifier which come with a refillable water tank and a fan which blows air into the room that has been cooled by the water. It is more affordable than a warm mist humidifier and works for larger areas. However, they require regular maintenance and cleaning to perform well otherwise it can lead to bacteria and mold in the water tank which will make the mist harmful to you.

If you still want to buy a cool mist humidifier for your house, then our guide will help you in choosing the perfect humidifier for yourself.

How to Choose the Best Cool Mist Humidifier

Choosing the right cool mist humidifier is important if you want to make the most use out of it. So here are a few crucial points to consider when making the purchase.

Types of Cool Mist Humidifiers:

There are two main types of cool mist humidifiers to choose from and both of these humidifiers are good at their job. However, you will need to make a choice based on the cost, convenience and noise levels produced by these humidifiers.

Evaporative Cool Mist Humidifier

This type of cool mist humidifier is the most popular option because it is more affordable and have been on the market for a longer period of time. They have a simple design in which a fan is responsible for blowing out air through the filter and into the room. It also includes a wick which is used to absorb the impurities in the water and ensure that the water blown out is clean.

Evaporative Cool Mist Humidifier needs to be cleaned frequently in order to avoid the growth of mold and also needs its filter replaced if you want to use it for a long period of time. One major drawback of this type of cool mist humidifier is that it makes a lot of noise so it might not be suitable for people who want to keep a humidifier in their bedroom.

Evaporative Cool Mist Humidifier
Evaporative Cool Mist Humidifier

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is perfect for those people who find that the evaporative cool mist humidifier is too much effort and makes a lot of noise when they are trying to sleep. This type of humidifier includes a diaphragm which vibrates at a great speed so as to break the water into mist.

With this type of humidifier, you don’t have to worry about replacing a filter but you will still need to refill the tank and clean it regularly. They also don’t make as much noise as the evaporative cool mist humidifier and tend to utilize less energy. The major drawback with using this humidifier is that it produces white dust along with mist which gets distributed around the room. They are also not capable of humidifying spaces larger than a standard-sized room so this humidifier is not ideal for humidifying large rooms or your entire house.

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Consider the Cost

This is the next important thing that you need to consider when making a choice about which cool mist humidifier to buy. Generally, a cool mist humidifier can cost anywhere in the range of $20 to $600 depending the on many different factors. A humidifier which can cover a large area will obviously cost more than a humidifier that can only manage a small room. Another thing to consider is that an evaporative cool mist humidifier is bound to cost more than an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier, as discussed above.

However, one must remember that a high-cost humidifier usually means that it will last for a longer period of time and will be easier to use and clean on a regular basis. Apart from the product cost, you also have to think about the maintenance cost. All cool mist humidifiers will require water refill so you will have a higher water bill than before. For evaporative cool mist humidifier, you also have to take into account the cost of replacing the filter periodically and the energy cost of using this humidifier, which is more than what an ultrasonic model will cost you.

Consider the Size

If you are looking for an affordable humidifier then you must remember that it will be only able to cover a small room and won’t be able to humidify your entire house. If that’s what you want then a tabletop or portable humidifier will be perfect for you as it can cover around 300-500 square feet surrounding it.

If you want a humidifier that can cover large areas like big rooms or the entire house then you need to look for room humidifiers. They can cover around 500-1000 square feet or more in case of a house humidifier.

So make sure you check out the space specifications on a humidifier product and choose the one that suits your requirement.

Consider Humidifier Space

This isn’t a secret that a humidifier will occupy some space in your room so it is important that you decide a place to keep it before you purchase it. Once you have decided a spot you will be able to find a humidifier that fits this spot perfectly which will make it easier for you to manage the humidifier.

If you don’t measure the space beforehand then you would end up with a humidifier which is too big for the area. It is important to keep in mind that tabletop humidifiers will be easier to fit as they don’t require a lot of space but a room or a house humidifier would be tricky to handle and would require a lot of space to place them.

Consider the Noise

When choosing a cool mist humidifier for yourself, you have to consider the level of noise that the product will make and whether it will affect you or someone else’s sleep. Usually, cool mist humidifiers are stored in bedrooms so it is important to choose a model which won’t disrupt your sleep.

Evaporative cool mist humidifiers tend to make more noise than ultrasonic ones but there are a few evaporative models which advertise a quieter sound so choose appropriately the right cool mist humidifier for yourself.

Check the Maintenance requirement

Another thing to consider is the maintenance required for the cool mist humidifiers.  All the models require some kind of maintenance but you need to decide which maintenance you are comfortable with and which maintenance activity you cannot handle. You will need to clean the filter tank regularly to avoid the growth of mold and bacteria and the water needs to be refilled every time it is used up.

Also, with an evaporative model, you need to replace the filter periodically and with the ultrasonic model, you have to perform more dusting and cleaning around the room to get rid of the white dust that the humidifier produces. So it is up to you which cool mist humidifier is more suitable for your needs.

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Consider the tank Capacity

Tank Capacity is an important point to consider when choosing the right cool mist humidifier for yourself because water refilling can be tiresome, especially if you have a large house. So if you purchase a cool mist humidifier with a large tank capacity then you won’t have to make as many refills as you would have needed to do previously.

Consider Humidifier Style

No one wants an ugly gadget or appliance at their home as this disrupts the look of your bedroom or your living room. Since you will be spending a lot of time in your room with a humidifier, you want it to look good and fit properly into the room space. Humidifiers usually come in a lot of shapes, sizes, and styles so you have a lot of options to choose the one which fits your room’s aesthetics. Spend some time looking at the various styles and then choose the ideal one for your room.

Extra Features

Apart from the above-mentioned features and functions, you can also take a look at few of the extra features like:

  • Combination model – A combination model offers you the features and functions of both a warm mist humidifier and a cool mist humidifier, allowing the user the choice to switch between the two settings during different seasons.
  • Timer – A time in your humidifier will ensure that your humidifier doesn’t keep on running endlessly and will automatically turn on or off at prescribed times. This can reduce the number of water refills and ensure that your house is comfortable and not surrounded by dry air.
  • Auto Shutoff – Another handy feature to have in your cool mist humidifier is the auto shutoff feature which ensures that the humidifier gets shutoff when the water tank is too low on water or when the required humidity level is reached.
  • Humidistat – This feature will measure the humidity in your room and will automatically turn on/off the humidifier depending on the humidity level present in the room.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and buy the perfect cool mist humidifier for your room and make the air in your room more breathable and comfortable.