Truffle Nation Helped Me Achieve The First Steps Towards My Dream Career

From the time I was young, I knew that I didn’t want to be someone’s employee. I wanted to own my own bakery. I wanted to set my own hours.

I’ve always been an early bird, so I like the idea of working at 4 a.m. and ending my day at 3 p.m. A bakery seems perfect for that goal.

My dream was to offer a simple menu of coffees, teas, and other beverages with handmade baked goods that went well with them.

I envisioned cups of coffee with platters of butter cookies or earthy teas with fruity muffins. I had the vision, but I needed to learn the skills. That’s where Truffle Nation came in.

My Search for the Best Baking Classes in Delhi…

I spotted ads for baking classes at Truffle Nation and did some research. The baker, Kirty, was close to my age and had been baking for years.

Not only is Kirty a baker, but she’s also talented in the realm of chocolates and pastries. Her knowledge in all three areas convinced me to sign up for my first class.

I Already Knew the Basics

In my case, I already knew the basics to baking. I wanted to hone my skills, however, so I sat down and figured out what I felt were my biggest weaknesses.

I can bake simple things like cupcakes and cookies, but yeast bread challenged me. I signed up for Bread for Beginners at Truffle Nation.

I have to say that Kirty’s one-on-one classes fit perfectly with my schedule. I also happen to be pretty shy until I know someone, so it helped that she offers personal baking classes.

She didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. She welcomed me from the moment I set foot in her classroom, and I soon felt like we were good friends.

I was eager to get started and loved that she made each lesson a lot of fun. I learned a lot about the delicate nature of yeast, sugar, and water temperature. Soon, I was creating light and fluffy loaves of white sandwich bread and dinner rolls.

I got to bring everything home, and my parents raved about my multi-grain bread. In fact, they asked me to make it again when the family came over for a family dinner.

Because Truffle Nation provides students with an instructional e-book, I had the recipes and instructions needed to create the bread for my family.

One Class Down

I finished Bread for Beginners and was truly impressed. I’d had so much fun learning from Kirty that I immediately signed up for Advanced Bread Making.

This course was challenging, but I am pleased that I was able to tackle harder bread like French baguettes and Challa.

My baguettes were so popular that my parents’ friends started asking me to make them for them to bring home for meals. I knew I’d found my dream career.

For Now, I Work From My Home Kitchen.

Right now, I don’t have the money for my own bakery, but I am working towards that goal. I’m making fresh bread in my own kitchen and selling them at markets and to friends of the family. Word of mouth sales are going well.

I love that Truffle Nation and Kirty gave me the skills and the confidence to get started on the path towards my ultimate goal. I will own my own bakery someday.

When I accomplish that dream, Kirty will be one of the first people invited to my grand opening. Her patience and expertise helped me start on the path towards my dream.