Owning a weapon and keeping it at home is always dangerous. You never know what might happen in your absence accidentally and once hurt, there is no way to reverse the damages. However, in today’s worlds, where violence and crime are so widespread across the globe, owning a gun to protect yourself has become quite essential.

However, being a licensed gun owner is necessary and you need to be absolutely sure about your gun’s safety. After all, you don’t want some random criminal to get access to your gun and then use it for their own corrupt deeds.

This is why it is important to own a gun safe so that you can keep your weapon protected from thievery and other kinds of accidents. However, storing a weapon inside the gun safe doesn’t provide it with absolute protection.

Here are a few of the top myths about the gun safe theft protection that everyone should be aware of:

Myth 1: Just owning any gun safe is enough

One of the most common myths about gun safes is that everyone thinks it is better to own a gun safe than not to own one at all. Weighing up the pros and cons of owning a gun safe is the first and foremost thing on the checklist

If your gun safe is easy to break and offers no real protection to your guns then nothing is surely better than a weak gun safe. There are many instances where owning a gun safe is worse than having a weak or poorly protected gun safe.

Situation 1: If you have a gun safe then it is likely that you will end up keeping all your valuables together in it. This includes jewelry, money, guns, etc. which makes it easier for thieves to just break into your gun safe and steal all your valuables in one swift move. In such a situation, no gun safe would have been better as you would have few of your valuables protected.

Situation 2: Another common scenario is that you store your loaded gun in the gun safe since it offers you decent protection. However, one day, your children break open your gun safe and get hold of the loaded gun. If you didn’t have a gun safe then your children wouldn’t have access to a loaded gun in any way.

Situation 3: You purchase a gun safe but you don’t bolt it down. As a result, thieves break into your house and throw the safe in order to open it. You lose your valuables and your house is a mess because of all the damage. If you hadn’t owned a safe then you would not have to face this damage.

In all the above-mentioned situations, not having a gun safe would always have been better than a poorly installed, weak gun safe.

Myth 2: A gun safe is all I need

Another common myth associated with gun safes is that all gun safes provide you with safety and protection. Well, this is not true.

Not all gun safe will provide you with advanced safety so you need to check out a few essential features to get the kind of protection that you desire.

Also, having a secure gun safe is only the first step towards gun protection, you also need to take a few steps from your side in order to ensure complete safety.

Here are a few features that you must consider when looking for a comparatively safe gun safe:

  • An electronic or an electronic/manual gun safe is safer.
  • Look for fireproof feature
  • Make sure the gun safe is heavy.
  • Choose a reputable and trusted manufacturer.

A biometric gun safe is quite safe but you need to ensure that you wipe the fingerprint scanner after every use and make sure you test it properly before installing it at home.

Don’t assume that your gun safe will offer you protection and take necessary precautions to keep your gun safe at all times.

Myth 3: Burglaries are a nightime occurrence

A lot of people think that thieves only strike at night which is just not true anymore. In fact, most burglaries occur during the daytime these days as people often leave for work while leaving their houses empty which makes it the perfect time for thieves to strike.

On the other hand, commercial buildings often experience burglaries on weekends when everyone is at home, enjoying their day off.

Burglaries happen when no one is at home which is why the best time for burglars to strike your home is during the daytime on weekdays.

Most thieves will prefer a silent and empty house so it is entirely untrue that burglaries will occur only during the nighttime.

Myth 4: My burglar system will keep me safe

Another common myth is that if you have a burglar system your gun safe and all your valuables are completely protected. This is not at all true.

Yes, burglar systems act like as an added advantage but they cannot provide you with ultimate protection from thieves. Also, it is essential that a burglar system is properly installed so that it can work effectively.

However, there are still chances that burglars will get past your burglar system so make sure that you keep your gun safe protected from such situation.

A lot of times thieves can get rid of you burglar alarm by just cutting the phone wire which will render it useless.

So, make sure you have a wireless burglar system installed at your home. Another common issue with a burglar system is that many times it gives false alarms which makes it difficult to distinguish between an actual burglary and a false one.

A burglar alarm will not protect you from burglary, it will just shorten the duration of it which is why it should not be mistaken as a complete protection system.

Myth 5: Gun safes scare away the burglars

A common misconception about gun safes is that people think it can intimidate burglars from trying to break the safe. While a lot of advertisements might make it look like that, it is not actually true.

Sure, if your gun safe has high-quality security features then it might be able to protect your belongings but it is in no way going to stop the burglars from trying to steal.

You can find various methods to crack the safe open on the Internet which is why it is important that you invest in a good quality gun safe.

However, you can’t blindly trust your guns safe to keep your belongings safe, you have to take precautionary steps like storing your gun safe in a discrete and hidden location, not telling others about owning a gun safe, etc.

In fact, you don’t only need to worry about burglars breaking your safe, you also need to think about children at your house who can accidentally open the safe and use your gun. So, make sure that your gun safe is secure enough and won’t be easily cracked by your children too.

Myth 6: I should get a thick-walled Gun Safe for more Protection

Although this is somewhat true, not every thickly walled gun safe is secure. It mostly depends on the type of material that was used for the construction.

If you want utmost security then you need to find a gun safe which meets the standards of Underwriters Laboratory (UL). You can find this information in the description of the product.

Make sure you check for this standard else you will end up with a weak gun safe for yourself. A few things to remember when looking for a secure gun safe is that not all gun safes are created with steel, some might be made out of metal sheets too which are usually not as secure or durable.

Also, try to avoid purchasing a gun safe that doesn’t come with a custom fitting feature as this reduces the tolerance level of your safe. Another thing to ensure is that the gun safe door should be solid and not easily bendable.

As you can see, thick walls are not enough to ensure the security of your gun safe, you need to look for a well-designed gun safe which will have the above features and some other high-quality functions.

Myth 7: I don’t need to bolt down my gun safe

Another common myth about a gun safe is that since it is heavy, there is no need to bolt it down. However, this is a dangerous misconception and can lead to a lot of damage and loss.

Here are a few reasons why you need to bolt down your gun safe to ensure its complete security:

  • If a burglar group breaks into your house then they can easily lift your safe and take it away. A few burglars also come with tools to break it open so it is always advisable to keep your safe bolted.
  • Most criminals are strong and have a lot of muscle strength so picking up the safe and throwing it down is not that big a deal for them.
  • Most burglars plan their move for a few weeks before actually executing it and know that you own a gun safe. So, they come prepared to crack your safe open.

So, it is important that you bolt your gun safe and then remove any tools that might open it up easily. You can take professional help to get this done too.

Myth 8: My gun should be locked and loaded

One of the biggest misconceptions about gun safes is that you can keep a loaded gun in it since they are secure. Well, this is not true and keeping a loaded gun is extremely dangerous, more so if it falls into the wrong hands.

If you keep a loaded gun in your gun safe, then there are chances of accidental fires which can be dangerous to your family and friend’s life. Sometimes, children also open your safe accidentally and could accidentally hit something.

Although a lot of gun safes usually display a warning about storing loaded guns, people continue to store their loaded guns and put everyone at their home in danger.

So, don’t make the mistake of thinking that storing a loaded gun in your gun safe is fine and not a big deal, it is an extremely big deal and very dangerous which is why it should be avoided at all costs.

Myth 9: Gun safes can be stored anywhere

People also think that your gun safe’s location doesn’t matter too much since gun safes are considered to provide utmost security.

However, this is a misconception because gun safes can be broken with the right tools and thus it is important that pick the right location (if possible a concealed one) for your gun safe.

If you store your gun safe in your living room or dining room then people might notice it and ask questions about it. It is important that you store it in a place where no one can accidentally come across it and is not on display for strangers like a salesperson, delivery executives, maids, etc.

Another bad place to store your gun safe is your basement or garage as it is highly susceptible to damage then, in case of any flood or fire. Also, your garage can be easily broken in so it is always best to keep it in your bedroom or some other personal room.

Myth 10: Well, whose burglarizing me? 

Pretty much from anyone to everyone. Burglars can strike anytime anywhere without any advanced warning which is why you shouldn’t assume that you will never be a victim of burglary. It is always best to prepare for the worst scenario so that you don’t regret it later.

If you own a gun then you definitely need a high-quality gun safe but you also need to take other protective measures to make sure that your gun safe is secure and completely safe.

This means that you need to first invest in a good-quality gun safe which comes with protective features like biometric authentication, thick walls made out of durable material, manual/electronic combo lock, and etc.

Apart from this, you need to be careful about storing your gun safe and not keeping it somewhere where everyone can see. Also, don’t tell the code to anyone and don’t talk about it too much. Keeps it hidden and avoid keeping any tools at home which could easily break open your safe.

If you take these measures then you can keep your gun safe somewhat protected and if burglars happen to break in, you can be sure that they won’t have much idea about your gun safe or how to open it.